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Friday, November 06, 2009

Sale Stealing

The store manager stole my sale today. It totally ticked me off. When the total value of my worth is based on sales per house and units per transaction, it is necessary that I get my salesS! I never knew what retail sales people went through until I started this job.... I hate it. Those of you out there who shop at places like Dressbarn, keep in mind one important thing. When you think the sales people are being too pushy and asking too many questions, it isn't because they necessarily want to. They are forced to. When your manager is breathing down your neck watching your every move because it's time for your monthly evaluation, you have no choice.

On a positive note: I had my monthly evaluation today and the store manager said I was doing well. My yearly eval comes due next month. I can't believe I made it an entire year already....


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