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Friday, September 09, 2011

Can I start over at the beginning?

What a day from hell!

Discovered the cashier forgot to take the theft senser off my sweater last night when I stepped through the door at work this morning. I immediately set off the alarm, catching the attention of EVERY Kohl's employee within a 50 mile radius.

Attempted to portray a professional and business like persona only to have it thwarted by my 17 year old son when he SHOWED UP at Kohl's and had me paged out of my INTERVIEWS! He apparently wiped out on his 4 wheeler last night and showed up looking for sympathy and a parent to excuse him from school. If his foot hadn't been the size of a tree trunk, I would have kicked his ass.

Discovered I lost my car keys 5 hours after I got to work. Would not have found the keys had I not been arguing with my ex in the parking lot.... One of the sales girls overheard me and graciously told me they had found a set of keys at register one and that I should take a look in the drawer and see if they were mine.

Thank GOD for small miracles.

Screamed at the top of my lungs when my downstairs neighbor somehow managed to get behind me without my noticing, and said 'hi'. I apologized, and trying to rationalize that I'm not normally that jumpy.... The problem is, I think I kind of 'am' that jumpy.

I hope all my readers out there are having a better day than what I've had.....


Anonymous Jessica said...

Ha, ha, yeah. Always a little bit jumpy... :)

8:22 AM  

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