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Monday, September 05, 2011

For the third day in a row....

The house was locked up and EMPTY when I drove out to pick my kids up after work.

I'm totally pissed.

When I called Charlie to ask him where the fuck everyone is, he says to me "I'm on my way into town. How am I supposed to know what your schedule is??"

Fucking PRICK!!

It's a SET schedule. I work these SAME hours EVERY Monday!!!

Time to start making his life miserable for a change. It's been a while since I've been this fucking pissed off at his miserable ass.

Looks like I'll be calling Friend of the Court tomorrow. This situation needs to finally be put to rest, and it's clearly obvious, he and I aren't capable of working things out on our own.

Prick! Prick! Prick! Prick! Prick!!!!!!!!


Blogger Pleasantly Confused...... said...

.hmmm was it that stalker song by the Four seasons? 'Share-Sher-air-ere-airy-bay-ayy-bee' ?

..or Neil Sedakas 'Laughter in the Rain'... which only mentions the name Sherri once in the song..?

..either way it's pretty creepy for a stranger to do it...

..for the the first song.. I believe you're perfectly justified in using a TAZER on anyone who sings it!

9:49 AM  

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