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Monday, August 04, 2008

What could be more fun than a day at the beach???

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Friday, August 01, 2008

My life is a comedic sitcom.....

I often wonder if everyone else out there goes through the same trials and tribulations that I do.

Do you? Please say that you do.....

I was at the dentist yesterday to get my permanent crown put in. Ordinarily, a trip to the dentist is not something you would immediately think of as being a risk for nudity.

That is, unless you are me.

Hannah the Horrible was being her usual self. Spoiled right to the core, I had to hold her while I lay on the dentist chair having my crown installed so she wouldn't cry at the top of her lungs.

Not an easy task, I must tell you.

There I am, laying flat on my back, light blaring in my eyes, mouth wide open with dental instruments and hands poking around inside, baby on my belly grasping at everything in sight.

I know you're thinking to yourself, nudity? How in the heck does nudity fall into this story?

Well, let me tell you.

As you can imagine, my hands were pretty full trying to keep Hannah under control in the midst of all that. Without warning, and without the ability to actually do anything to stop her, Hannah grabs the make shift bib around my neck with one hand, yanking it free and flinging it across the room.

With the other hand?

My shirt!

In one giant handful Hannah grabs my shirt and pulls the neckline all the way down to my belly button, in front of God and everyone, I lay there in a dentist chair with my whole front exposed and couldn't do a thing about it.

I wanted to die.

A muffled 'Oh my God' escaped my mouth as I tried desperately to cover myself back up. Thank God I went to the woman dentist this time because I would have DIED if it had been her husband!

"It's ok, we're all girls here," she laughed.

I can honestly say, I never would have believed that one day my dentist would be seeing me in my bra.

I guess we can chalk this up to another once in a lifetime experience.


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