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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Although the following story will likely shock and horrify you, I assure you, no creatures were harmed during the events of my horrible morning.

I was backing down the driveway when I heard a clunking noise coming from beneath my car. Immediately assuming the kids had left a toy in the driveway, I put the car in drive and pulled forward, hoping to not do more damage to my car than I had already done.

Imagine my horrific surprise when, all covered in dirt and shaking his head, I discovered I had actually run over Zach's dog Hank!

Now, as you long time readers may recall, this is the 2nd time I've actually run over a pet while backing down my driveway.


On a good note, however, Hank has lived to tell the tale. Seemingly unaffected, he merely shook the dirt from his back and lumbered over to the grass to lay in the sun.

I'm surprised these dogs don't scramble in terror at the sight of me heading to my car.

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