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Friday, September 30, 2005

Cruella Deville

The Spicegirl has opted to quit dying her hair. Not a good move if your planning of pretending to be 20 years younger then you are. She literally has a grey stripe of hair that starts in her bangs and goes back a good 4 or 5 inches. It's bad. She has chosen to wear her hair pulled back today, which is even worse. It's impossible to not notice it.

Day 1, no Charlie

Charlie left on his hunting trip yesterday, already I've stepped into action. Time to reclaim my house.

So far I have:

  • taken all of his junk out of the junk drawer. It's my kitchen, that drawer is supposed to be for tin foil and stuff.
  • taken a bunch of his junk out of my pantry and put it in the furnace room. It's a pantry!! Not a junk storage.
  • Begun organizing the furnace room.

Will he be happy that I've done this? I doubt it. Do I care, not in the least. LOL

5 reasons why I miss Charlie:

  1. He always wakes me up in the morning. Today, I woke up 2 hours early and got ready for work, including getting my kids up and ready as well. It was 6:00 when I finally noticed the time.
  2. Every morning he says "Gee your hair smells terrific". (Not positive, but I think that was a line in a shampoo commercial or something.)
  3. He listens to me gripe and complain and never holds it against me.
  4. The propane guy is coming today to fill the tank and pressure check the lines. I don't like dealing with that kind of stuff.
  5. He always tells me the house looks nice when I've spent time cleaning it.

5 reasons why I don't miss Charlie:

  1. Paper towels all over the counter from where he made a sandwich. He will not let his bread sit directly on the counter, yet he will not throw the paper towel in the trash either.
  2. Paper towels shredded up in the washer/dryer. He never cleans out his pockets before he does a load of laundry.
  3. His friends standing around drinking beer in my driveway. They need a life of their own!!!
  4. No beard hair in the sink.
  5. When I look for something, I can actually find it.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fall Photo of the Evening

I just love the way this looks. Posted by Picasa


Me without any make up.


Very scary, yet, I choose to post the picture anyway. I got a very cute hair cut today. Posted by Picasa

Bad Day Continued

The fun part of having a bad day is knowing that you can get away with just about anything. Feel like ripping someone's head off?? Why not, you're having a bad day. People will just say 'Oh, poor Sherri, that poor thing is having such a bad day.' Feel like confronting the plant ho because she looks like such a tramp?? Why not, it's the perfect opportunity. Now is the time, on any other day, you will just come off looking like an ass.

The spice girl is wearing a skin tight pumpkin colored v-neck top today. It is so tight, and so low, that you can see the entire top portion of her black sequined bra. Yes folks, that is correct. Taste she has not. What could be worse then that? You can see her fat roll plain as day. If your going to wear low rider jeans, you should at least buy them big enough to hide the fat roll. So I exclaim to her as she's approaching me "OMG Spicegirl! You need to pull your top up!" She just laughs and goes 'oh, that stupid thing. I don't know why I even wore this to work today.' Yah right, she wears it all the time. I just felt like drawing attention to the fact that she looks like a tramp.

Joe is feeling insanely guilty about the ladder incident. It has been a literal onslaught of paperballs over the wall all day. When I had accumulated 19 of them, I grabbed a handful of foam peanuts, all of the paperballs and used the ladder to dump them over the wall on him while he was talking to Scott. LOL Then I thanked him once again for the ladder, it came in very handy. Scott had no idea what to think. I was afraid we would need to use our refreshed CPR skills on him.

I have just had a very lengthy discussion with Dave on the differences of an AVL and an AML. For God's sake, I think we all know the difference between a vendor and a manufacturer. "Well in Hibbing they call it an AVL" Duh!! Hibbing is an entirely different entity from Gaylord. He's on crack, I'm almost positive of it. I'm going to be mad when I find out he's not sharing!

Bad Day

I'm having a bad day today. Absolutely horrible.

It starts off with the psycho path woman and borderline retarded gas station employee this morning. The 2 of them were standing in the entry way doing God knows what. I tried to slip past them without them noticing me and the woman screams in my ear the second I was right beside them. I know I gave them a dirty look, I could see it on their faces. I just walked inside and looked at the woman behind the counter. I rolled my eyes and went to get a pop. By the time I got up to the counter, the guy was back inside and he was standing behind the counter ready to ring up my purchase. The psycho path woman stands right behind me and starts talking extremely loudly about bingo tickets. I wanted to just haul off and smack her. I couldn't get out of that place fast enough.

I make it to work and get to my desk. Elizabeth asks me if Joe is going to return our ladder that he borrowed. I bring the issue up in the production managers meeting, and he states that he has no intention of bringing the ladder back. It says materials on it. I was ready to come unglued. I pointed out the fact that we have had the ladder for 5 years now, that we got before he became the manager of the materials department because materials received new ladders, and we required it for Elizabeth to be able to get into the filing cabinets. He then tells me the ladder was stolen, but he would scour the floor. I was ready to haul off and smack him too. I should have said, 'you know, my name is on Laura's tape dispenser. Maybe I should come back and claim that.' I didn't. Someone has to be civilized. I ended up getting with Jack to see if he could scrounge one up. I made sure to tell Elizabeth very loudly so Joe was able to hear that I had gotten with Jack. He has tried a couple of times to catch me to talk to me, I've pretended to be on the phone both times. I really don't want to speak with him anymore on the situation.

I return back to my desk after the production managers meeting and Elizabeth has filled out vacation slips for tomorrow and Monday, and October 13th and 14th. Now, I had just told her yesterday that I need to take part of Monday off for Zach's appointment to get his cast off, and I found out yesterday I have to take part of tomorrow off for the propane guy to check the line pressure. Which means, that will leave the inspection department with no coverage for half the day on both tomorrow and Monday. AAAAh!!

(Joe just walked past again, this time using his clip board to make noise so I will notice him. He is running it across the cage, and it is really loud. I have appeared to be so entrenched in my work I did not notice.)

It's only 10 minutes to 10:00. I can't imagine what the rest of the day has in store for me. I may end up committing murder with my calipers before it is all said and done.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The LXD Display Debacle

Dave has taken the hit for the display debacle. We had an entire shipment of First Article displays that do not work electrically. Right now it's around $3000 in scrap, it could end up being more. As much as I can't stand the guy, I think he has been given the shaft on this one. There is no way that we can do anything more then a dimensional evaluation of these displays. Engineering is telling Dave that because he did not push the engineering department to provide a test fixture to test the electrical capabilities of these displays, he is at fault. This is total bull shit. Engineering has found a scape goat and he is not strong enough to stand up to them. There is not a single component in house that we test in this manner. Hundreds of cable assemblies, transformers, displays, programmed IC's......etc. pass through these doors and engineering has never put any such test fixture in place for any of that stuff. That is the reason we require a certificate of compliance on receipt.

Now, how is it that nobody has actually blamed the supplier for not making these things correctly to begin with?? Come on!

Try explaining this to the guys at the gym!  Posted by Picasa

The Red Blazer in the Parking Lot

As I was pulling in the parking lot at work today, I had to drive past a red blazer that was literally parked in the middle of the drive. Freaked me out. I had no idea who it was, he looked right at me when I drove past, and he was really rough looking. I contemplated for a second or two, then finally decided to walk from where I was parked into the building. With everything that had been going on lately here at work, I didn't want to end up shot to death in the parking lot. Believe me, work is the last place I would choose to live out my last living moments.

The company I work for has absolutely no measures in place for this kind of situation. I looked everywhere for someone to go out and find out who this guy was and what he was doing here. Not a soul. I finally happened across Joe, who went out by himself to check out the situation. Not a good thing. What if the next time I seen him he was a chalk outline in the parking lot??

So, you may be wondering just what in the heck is happening where I work? Here's the story. A biker guy and a woman in a troubled marriage had struck up a friendship/affair over the course of the past year. Like all things, it escalated to an out of control type of situation where they were very obvious and their spouses were starting to find out and become angry. Apparently something happened one night last week and neither of the 2 went home. Both called in the next day. The wife of the biker and another rough looking woman show up at work to 'talk' to the friend of her husband. A couple of managers went out and explained to them that this type of behavior is not acceptable at the company I work. They were upset. The biker guy, it was found out, was driving back and forth to work on a suspended license. The wife tipped off the police that he was doing so, and they ended up picking him up and taking him to jail right outside our plant. That ended his career here, of course, he is no longer employed here. Now, the woman is still working here, and I'm not positive what the deal is there. I'm sure they are still seeing each other, and anyday now I expect a disgruntled husband to show up at work and start a killing spree.

Damn people!! I should not have to deal with other peoples crap. It pisses me off that I have to be wary of a strange vehicle because 2 employees where I work can't keep from committing adultery.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tag, you're it

Thanks to Seahag, I have been officially tagged for the 5th sentence on the 23rd post.

The Rules:
  1. Go into your archive.
  2. Find your 23rd post.
  3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
  4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
  5. Tag 5 other people to do the same.

Here is mine: So, I plan to chronicle my activities here, just to keep myself from falling back into old habits. (I sound so serious!)

The five people I tag?

  1. Angela
  2. Jessica
  3. Bobby
  4. Gareth
  5. Trée

Sorry guys, I had to pick 5 people! :D

Black Rice

Elizabeth has just about had a coronary. The woman keeps food everywhere. In her file cabinet, on her work station, under her desk, and she is absolutely shocked that she found a pile of mouse poop on her desk next to her cereal. LOL I'm shocked that we didn't find anything sooner!

So far we have been able to track the mouse's path. A trail of cereal leads from the baggy on her desk under her monitor, off the edge of the desk, and under the cubicle wall. Joe has no idea yet. I'm thinking about not telling him and waiting to see if he finds any black rice of his own.

I have to say, I was pretty grossed out about it myself. She is still over there scouring everything. So funny!!

Interesting side note: The pinky ring guy is in house for 2 weeks. I have to know, what's up with the pinky rings???? As far as I can see, that trend played out 15 years ago. Has it made a come back that I'm just not aware of? Am I losing my sense of style?

The Production Managers Meeting

Yet another super productive production managers meeting. If anyone knew how little time spent in that meeting actually dealt with production issues the floor would be outraged.

10 Things we Discussed Today
  1. DS (bean bag) donating her hair to locks for love. RB openly stated he would rather be bald then wear her hair.
  2. JC and his childhood Saturday mornings poking drunks with sticks in the inner city.
  3. The possibilities of 4'9 73 year old Elizabeth being a basket ball superstar when she was a kid in school.
  4. Snow. Joe's theory that we're going to have a tough winter because of the hot summer. Keith's theory that he hasn't seen as many acorns this year so we won't have a tough winter. My theory that I haven't gotten anything winterized and prepared yet, so it's almost inevitable that we'll get nailed.
  5. Robert's 'Whoop Ass' shirt. It takes a certain kind of man to be able to pull that shirt off, he doesn't exactly fit the bill.
  6. Ed and his admittance that he has 6 bags of dog hair in his garage. The standing question, just why exactly is he saving 6 bags of dog hair??? Our theory, Locks for Love. LOL
  7. If we get another 3% raise we may just be able to afford to buy toilet paper again.
  8. A possible cage fight between 2 rivaling floor people. Winner takes home the toilet paper.
  9. A rousing discussion of paper vs plastic.
  10. A unanimous vote that we all stay in the Huron room and never come back out.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Woman kills husband, news at 11:00

I have just gotten off the phone with my beloved mother-in-law. Apparently my husband had made plans to go pick up her truck and drive it out to the sap house tonight. He didn't show up at her house. Needless to say, he did not come home from work today, and I had no idea he had made any plans at all. So, she is pissed off at ME.

What's wrong with this picture?? I had no part in this scenario at all, other then being the one who was home when she called. He just makes me so angry! To top it off, he leaves for his hunting trip on Thursday, which means, I'm going to be not on speaking terms with him until after he gets back from Garden Island.

I do not appreciate being chastised on the phone by his mother. Besides, who is she to condemn me for the actions of her offspring? I felt like saying perhaps she should have raised him a little better, maybe then I wouldn't need to pick up his slack all the time. I was tempted, but I held my tongue.

I have decided to lock all the doors in the house. He doesn't have any house keys. :D

From Bad to Worse: My beloved mother-in-law just STOPPED in! Apparently she was talking to me on the cell phone. Was it not enough that she ruined my evening, but she had to stop in and pour some salt on the wound as well??

New Headline:

Woman strangles mother-in-law in murderous rage after killing husband, news at 11:00

Let the Games Begin

JC has piled 6 empty skids right in front of my desk. The note attached states: Saved for Sherri Sanders

What a putz!! I already have a plan for revenge. While he's at lunch, I'm going to shrink wrap his desk. LOL Depending on how nice I feel at the moment, I may fill his drawers with foam peanuts before I close it up.

Gotta Love Dilbert

Let's just hope this never happens to me. LOL

Monday again.....

I hate Mondays. With a passion!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

To smoke, or not to smoke........

This is the newly completed smoking hut for those fellow employees that are smokers. I don't actually smoke or anything, but that new law they passed here in Gaylord is just so wrong. Look at this thing, it's not even 2 parking spaces big. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Did you remember to put the bird seed out Thomas? Posted by Picasa

Here turkey, turkey, turkey....... Posted by Picasa

Lasagna for breakfast?

Yes, it was another rum and coke weekend, and I am up and about with quite a head ache. Thank God for the quiet time I get before the kids wake up. Just enough time to drink a gallon of water and down a couple of tylenol.

Funny thing is, I never eat first thing in the morning. In fact, when I do, I get a little sick to my stomach. Today, however, it was hunger pains that woke me up. I literally had to get up and get something to eat. My first choice? A piece of left over lasagna from yesterday afternoon. Yummy!

Last night we sat around the bon fire at Rusty's. I was talking to Rick, and he and Krista are still separated. I was extremely uncomfortable at one point. He started talking to me about how he wasn't looking for anyone at the moment, but he wouldn't mind getting an easy piece of you know what now and then. I honestly didn't know what to say. I just told him he had better be careful the easy ones always come with strings attached. In my mind I'm thinking disease, pregnancy, husbands! LOL

So, of course, I had another weird dream last night. Probably rum induced. I had a dream that Rick and I had an affair, and Charlie found out about it, and he and Rusty were going to beat the crap out of Rick. I don't remember any of the juicy details of the dream, damn it! The only part I can remember is the part where Charlie and Rusty are banging on a door, and I'm trying to keep them out. In my mind I knew it was because of the affair.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hmmm..... Do I see lunch over there?? Posted by Picasa

Sherri! Meet your new room mate!

Is that really a preying mantis sitting in a terarium on my kitchen counter?? Posted by Picasa

Am I cute or what?? Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005

Bored to death on a Friday night

What could be worse? I vividly remember the days when I still had a life. When I still went out on the weekends and had fun. How things have changed.

Little Hitler, as she prefers to be called

I have just heard some sad news. It's taken me all morning to accept it, actually.

Yesterday Elizabeth had an appointment with the trustee of her bankruptcy and she asked me to keep good thoughts in my mind for her, she was hoping to be able to convert her bankruptcy over finally so she could retire. So, as she was walking out the door on Wednesday, I crossed my fingers on both hands and told her I was wishing her luck.

Today she comes in and tells me to read the email on her screen. So, I do. She is retiring on October 14th. I was sad and happy at the same time, I couldn't believe it. I'm going to miss her. The scathing looks when she doesn't approve of my outfit. The beady eyes peering at me from behind a pile of boxes when I'm chit chatting in the receiving department. The corned beef sandwiches she would bring in once in a while because she knows I love corned beef. Her daily chats about what we're having for dinner. I'm going to miss her so much.

Now, the tough part begins. I posted a req. for her position. Replacing her is not going to be easy. It's not an easy job that we do back here, and I have only 3 weeks to get the req. approved, interview applicants, select someone, and train.

Oh Shit Moment of the day

(Seeing as how I'm already on the topic today.)

The production control manager walks into the production managers meeting today with a box of donuts. 'Oh cool!' we all say. RB walks in right behind with the mobile phone in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. He sits the phone down on the table right next to the open box of donuts. Like kids at Christmas we all grab a donut and start munching away. RB begins to talk. 'Does anyone know who the 5:00 manager is this week? I found the phone in the John.' I immediately spray donut crumbs on the table. That phone was sitting in the men's bathroom on the back of the toilet and he set it right next to food. Ugh!! 'That was sitting on the back of the toilet and you set it by food???' My mind was reeling. I had eaten part of my donut already.

RB turns red and goes "Oh Shit".

Don't Let This Happen to You!

A friend of mine from work sent me this little beauty. LOL So glad to see her concern for my health. BTW, on the email, she states "This could be you, just say no to vending machine sandwiches!" Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Vending Machine Lunch, Part II

Oh, Yikes!! I ate a sandwich out of the vending machine again today, and it's not sitting well with me now. My stomach is making some weird noises.

God help me, I'll die if I end up being the noisy person in the restroom that everyone can hear.

I have got to start packing my own lunch if I don't plan on going home for lunch everyday. Mary just told me I'm looking a little peaked, I swear, if I get sick I'm going to die.

On a totally unrelated side note: I just used the phrase "I aint got it". Somebody shoot me now!!! Jessica, I know your loving that one.

10 Reasons why I shouldn't be at work

  1. I hate working.
  2. The new wave machine makes a horrible screeching noise. It's driving me crazy!
  3. I've developed an allergy to solder mask.
  4. The Honeywell parts are beginning to speak to me. They are telling me to kill!!! (LOL)
  5. I have big hair again. Yikes!!
  6. My irrational fear of spread sheets and data bases is back.
  7. Joe is talking about foot odor. It's grossing me out.
  8. Daytime TV is just too addicting.
  9. I'm pretty sure my letter from Ed McMahon telling me I won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes is coming in the mail today.
  10. I have just discovered the vending machine is out of Mt. Dew again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fall picture of the day. Taken in my front yard. Not looking forward to raking those damn leaves again!! Posted by Picasa

Zach and his new cast. Not even the evil Dr. Rau can keep him down! Posted by Picasa

I love clouds. Mostly because my Grandma loved them too. She always said after she died she would look down on me from the clouds and wave. I've got a million pictures of clouds that I have taken over the years since she passed away. I took this one today on my lunch hour. Posted by Picasa

My Work Place Nemesis

Everyone has a work place coworker who they know wants to see them fail. They want to see you demoted down to the job of toilet scrubber so they can shit on the toilet and make you clean it up.

My work place nemesis is Dave. A majority of his evil deeds stem around the fact that he is absolutely intimidated by the credibility and respect that I have earned. (You really don't see it here, but I'm really a totally different person when I'm at work.) Dave will always be the first to try and rub something in when he thinks he has one over on me. Most of the time, however, I already know about it first and have attended more then one meeting on the topic. Because I'm a bitch, I will wait until he gets entirely through his little presentation of telling me about his wonderful new task or duty and then dash his self esteem by comments like "oh yah. The engineer sent me an email on that surface mount flat pack part. I told him I didn't have time to research it. Looks like you inherited it! {laughter on my part})

So, today was no exception. Dave comes back all in an authoritative huff telling me about some labels that were coming in to his attention that he just wasn't going to be able to sign for because he was involved with the QBR. I, of course, waited until he was done telling me about how he would present his material. Then I zinged him. "I'm going to have to get with one of the girls then because I can't sign for them either. I have to present at the QBR too." He just stared at me. It was really funny actually. He was almost positive he finally had one over on me.

This is the beautiful part. This is the part that makes me look horrible and catty, but I don't care. I ended up being the first person to present. I had 5 slides that I had to talk to and the VP and staff asked several questions, all of which I had complete knowledge of and was able to answer in decent detail. I felt ok with how things went, and I was eager to see how Dave did. Dave had 1 slide. It had to do with NCM material (non conforming material - Gareth). The minute he started speaking RH asked him to brief everyone on the new process in receiving. He got part way through and lost it. He didn't even have a clue how the process went. So, out of kindness actually, I bailed him out and spoke to the symix portion of the receiving process that governs that action. That led to a side bar conversation on a way to refine the symix screen, and on to the next slide. Dave didn't even get to finish.

I know, shame on me because I'm happy he didn't show well! But, this guy is always trying to beat me at everything!! Damn Dave and his evil ways...... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (maniacal laughter)

Vending Machine Lunch

Gasp............. arteries hardening...................... unable to process intelligent thought................ barely able to function...............

damn those vending machine demons!!!!

What's up with that??

I just now noticed that my brown corduroy blazer has the pockets sewn shut! I went to put a couple of bucks in the pocket, and no deal! They are literally sewn shut. There are pockets sewn into the inside of the jacket so I know that it was intended for this jacket to have pockets. The quality in those sweat shops has really gone down hill.

OMG!! This just in: While I was typing this my daycare lady called me up to let me know that Amanda has the flu. I also found out for the first time that Amanda is pregnant!! Ok, this girl lives at home, has never worked a real job, didn't even try to get her driver's license until she was 19, is currently without boyfriend, and she's going to have a baby. I'm not positive, but I think she'll be 21 on her birthday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

If I could do it over.................

I know I would have

  • Not gotten so drunk at the company Christmas party 3 years ago that I am now a legend in my own time. My name and Christmas party have become synonymous with each other.
  • Not been nice to that back stabbing new quality tech Denise. She is the stuff that pond scum lives off of.
  • Married a rich guy. This working stuff is for the birds!
  • Never listened to my husband when he said "I know a mechanic that can take a look at your jeep" (took it in for a brake job, it now wobbles as I drive it down the road.)
  • Worn less eye liner today. Yikes!

The new quality tech, the one that I stood up for on more then one occasion, has pissed me right off. She had the nerve to say to people that we did not train her in the receiving/inspection departments. I was personally offended! I worked with her one on one for 3 days straight. She has the nerve to say that we didn't train her??

Well, I hate to say it, but she has just pissed off the wrong person.

What were they thinking?

One of the conference rooms where I work is located right next door to the the men's restroom. Only one thin wall separates the two. I can't help but think to myself, who was the genius who thought this plan up?

So, here we are, sitting in a staff meeting with the vice president of operations, and in from the men's restroom drifts several noises and sounds that none of us were thrilled to hear. The room was quiet with the exception of the vice president, it was impossible to not hear this guy. To make things worse, the vice president literally quit talking until he was through doing whatever it was that he was doing. We ALL sat in uncomfortable silence for at least 20 seconds or more. Ugh!

That being said, who in the world would be that noisy in a public restroom?? I was sure someone would have to call the paramedic in and haul this guy out on a stretcher.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Me, Krystyn, and a pack of Best Value cigarettes

My first experience with smoking.

I'll never forget the day that Krystyn and I happened upon a partial pack of Best Value cigarettes lying on the side of the road. We had been out on a bike ride, bored to tears, when out of the blue, excitement appears in the form of an old, water stained pack of cigarettes on the side of the road.

Krystyn and I had stopped out bikes and were staring down at the cigarettes. Both of us thinking the same thing, 'should we pick them up? How long have they been here? Where did they come from?' Krystyn bends down and picks them up. We immediately know what needs to be done. We need to find the most private and secluded spot we can, and light one up.

Being the brilliant kids that we were, we went directly to her parents basement and stood in the corner under the ceiling fan. Her parents basement had been transformed into a bar away from the bar, complete with the tacky beer mirrors and a keg on tap. So, there we stood, fan nearly vibrating off the ceiling. I immediately chickened out, there was no way I was going to put something up to my lips that had been laying on the side of the road for God knows how long and belonged to God knows who. It could have been a nose picker who didn't wash their hands after they went to the bathroom.

Krystyn on the other hand, did not. She pulled out an old brown striped cigarette and lit her up. I stood and watched as she coughed out of control for about 30 seconds. After finally gaining her composure, and with a low scratchy voice, she finally got the word 'smooth' out of her mouth. We both started laughing, small smoke puffs were coming out of her nose. Needless to say, Krystyn ended up finishing off that pack of cigarettes, and I do believe that she is still a smoker today.

My top ten worst work peeves

  1. I hate it when Elizabeth bugs me every 5 seconds to tell me something, and it's really stupid.
  2. I hate it when people will stop talking in the middle of a conversation to read what I have on my screen. I refuse to open any emails in anyones presence anymore.
  3. I hate it when I'm on my way to someone's desk and 80 people stop me along the way. By the time I get to the desk, they're gone.
  4. Meetings that get postponed a million and one times. Just forget it! It can't be that important, you've postponed it a million and one times!
  5. People who try to look busy and important by creating mountains out of mole hills.
  6. When people are too lazy to get up and walk 20 steps to talk to a coworker so they yell at the top of their lungs at them.
  7. Men that wear sweat pants to work. That's just plain wrong.
  8. The phrase "Can you do me a favor?"
  9. The 'butt-in-ski'. "I just happened to overhear.........................this is what I think..........."
  10. When people send an email and copy a million and one people on something ridiculous. I just delete them anyway.

Yikes! I'm really crabby today.

Monday Again

I hate Monday's. I literally had to drag myself out of bed this morning. Ugh!

I think my friend Sandy has lost her mind. We don't really hang out all that much anymore. Funny how you can be such good friends with someone, and then one day you realize that you really don't even know them anymore. You just grow apart.

This morning I was talking with her and she was telling me about the guy who she has just started seeing. Literally, they have only really been dating for like a month. Already he's telling her how to dress and has asked her to quit her second job so she can spend more time with him. He calls her all the time. At work, at home, when he's on his way to her house, just to see what she is doing. To possessive. I didn't say anything yet, but, I would be worried if I were her. That's not a good sign. The thing is, I don't feel close enough to her anymore to actually have that conversation with her. I kind of hinted around at the clothing thing.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

In a million years I never would have thought.....

That I would have spent an hour walking around in a corn maze. Yes, that is correct, we took the boys to a maze cut into a field of corn. The object, to find the 4 punch stations and punch your tickets within 45 minutes to get a prize.

A word to the wise: When walking around in a corn maze, make sure you wear long pants and long sleeves. I had on shorts and a t-shirt, big mistake. I still itch like crazy! Sensitive skin.

We did make a pit stop at Lake Michigan. That was so cool. The beach was entirely covered with small smooth stones. I was able to find 3 petoskey stones and a couple other interesting looking specimens. Charlie was showing me the house they are building right now, the lot alone was $99,000. Yikes! This is the house with the round roof, it's going to be gorgeous when it's done. The lady who is having it built doesn't even plan to keep it. She's just building it for an investment. That is just sooooo wrong.

101 Things about me that you probably don't know

1. I have a freckle on the bottom of my right foot.

2. I chipped my front tooth on a wagon when I was 9 years old. It was filed down by the dentist, and is almost undetectable now.

3. I eat ketchup on fried eggs.

4. I couldn't eat mayonnaise for many years after hearing a 'what's grosser then gross' joke.

5. I specifically asked the photographer who took my senior pictures if he would air brush the freckle off the end of my nose.

6. My husband is 17 years older then I am.

7. I first met him when I was 11 years old.

8. We got married 3 years ago in Las Vegas on Valentines day.

9. I was happier before we got married.

10. I got pregnant for my youngest son on my honeymoon.

11. I don't feel like I was born with a motherly instinct.

12. I once forgot my oldest son was in the car with me when he was a tiny baby.

13. I got all the way up to the store when I remembered and hurried back to get him.

14. I feel guilty about it to this day.

15. I have one sister-in-law that does permanent hair removal. (licensed in cosmetic electrolysis.)

16. I have another sister-in-law who recently has had a boob job.

17. I'm afraid of the dark.

18. I was terrified of vampires when I was a teenager.

19. I used to keep a clove of garlic in a medicine bag that hung from my bed.

20. Jessica bought me a crucifix for my birthday one year because of this irrational fear of vampires. LOL

21. When I was 9 years old, my parents got divorced.

22. My Dad was an alcoholic.

23. On my only visitation that I ever had with him, his house smelled like puke and he had been sleeping with an overturned ash tray in his bed.

24. He moved to Arizona a month after he moved out.

25. I was 23 years old the next time I seen him.

26. I used to get really angry with him for leaving me behind with my horrible mother.

27. My mother once spent an entire child support check on a new pair of jeans for herself.

28. I'm a flirt.

29. My favorite perfume is called 'Halloween'.

30. I have a very distinctive laugh.

31. I also have baby hands.

32. One of my high school teachers pointed that out in class one day.

33. He has a daughter that is the same age as my oldest son.

34. I was 19 years old when I got pregnant with my oldest son.

35. 19 is way to young to be having a baby.

36. Charlie was in the room with me through the entire delivery.

37. 'Fire in the Sky' was on TV during the delivery.

38. I had to push for 2 hours straight.

39. Charlie was pushing on the top of my belly, and 2 nurses were pushing on each side as well.

40. Zach was 9lbs 7ozs.

42. When Charlie cut the umbilical cord, it reminded me of the time we had to dissect the starfish in biology.

43. I had my youngest son cesarean.

44. He was breech the entire pregnancy.

45. He bit the doctors thumb during delivery.

46. The same doctor delivered both of my children.

47. Thomas was 2 hours old before I got to hold him for the first time.

48. When I was in the recovery room, I got really sad because I was there all by myself. Everyone else was in my hospital room with Thomas.

49. It was the beginning of post partum depression.

50. The hospital had to let me go a day early because I wanted to leave so badly.

51. I was containing so much water that I couldn't get my shoes on.

52. The minute I got home, I felt a million times better.

53. I cooked Thanksgiving dinner 2 days after I got home from the hospital.

54. I push myself harder then I should.

55. I'm terrible at math.

56. Yet, I work with mathematical dimensions on a daily basis.

57. I constantly check my work with the calculator.

58. The minute Joe gave me the souvenir from Mexico I noticed the tag was still on the bottom.

59. I looked at it immediately.

60. I couldn't believe he spent $6 on it.

61. I couldn't believe he didn't take the price tag off.

62. I then presumed he didn't take it off so I would be aware of how much he spent on it.

63. I then laughed at myself for thinking about such stupid stuff.

64. Joe sits directly on the other side of my cubicle wall.

65. I'm pretty sure he listens to every single word we say.

66. I know this because I normally listen to everything that he says.

67. I am really good at keeping a secret.

68. I have one secret that nobody in this world knows but me.

69. I hate my mailbox.

70. It's a fishing lure.

71. Charlie got it for Father's day one year, otherwise, I would get a new one.

72. Charlie has never liked a single present I have ever bought him.

73. I, on the other hand, love presents.

74. My husband's entire family is short.

75. My husband is only 5'4.

76. I'm just a hair taller then he is.

77. We shower together almost every day.

78. I can't stand scratchy towels.

79. If I grab one out of the drawer, I'll throw it in the hamper and grab another towel.

80. It takes me forever to get dressed in the morning.

81. I usually end up wearing the first outfit I tried on.

82. I have 39 sweaters in my closet.

83. My favorite sweater is a royal blue turtle neck ski sweater.

84. My brother lives in Florida.

85. He has several tattoos.

86. I went to visit him last June.

87. His girlfriend was killed in a car wreck.

88. He found out about it when he was watching the 11:00 news.

89. I now have an irrational fear that something like that will happen to me.

90. When I went out there, I brought an ET doll with me that was his when we were kids.

91. He cried for so long when he first seen me. It made me cry. I haven't seen him cry since we were kids.

92. Last week I cooked chicken breast for dinner.

93. When I was taking them out of the pan, one fell on the floor.

94. That was the day I was mad at Charlie, so I made sure he ended up eating that one.

95. He has no idea. :)

96. I tell everyone the age difference doesn't matter.

97. Sometimes it does though.

98. He will purposely avoid any situations where he has to hang out with my friends.

99. It doesn't bother me in the least to hang out with his friends.

100. Thank God I'm almost done.

101. I was running out of stuff to talk about! I started this last night when I couldn't sleep.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

11:00 PM

I can't sleep. This sucks. I hate it when I get this way. I'll be dead tired tomorrow.

Black Car - Bald Man

Ok, this is freaky. My desk sits in front of a huge window and I can see right out to the road. A black car has just drove by 3 times, very slowly, looking in at the house. (I'm talking within the last 10 minutes or so that it has taken me to look up my dream and edit my blog.)

The Public Shower Dream

This has been a recurring dream theme for me lately. I don't know what it's all about. I'm going to have to look this one up as well

So, last night's dream consisted of me living in an almost completely glass house. There were trees all around, but it wasn't exactly in a secluded area. I could see houses through the walls and stuff. In my dream, I decide to take a shower, and am in the bathroom stripping down to take a shower, and even in the bathroom it was all open. All glass. I could see the trees and stuff blowing in the breeze.

Will update on meaning later when I have researched.

Update: I have researched the different topics of the dream. (I was unable to find anything that literally stated 'public showering') The key words I used were shower, naked, glass, and bathroom.

Looking outwards through glass may indicate viewing the future or looking beyond ones self. (Naked) You are not prepared for something, you are in the public eye often. The shower indicates cleansing ones self from things that affect emotions, relief from stressed emotions. The bathroom represents purification of one's self.

Very interesting.......

Friday, September 16, 2005

Secret Confession

I left a poopy diaper in the trash can at work. :) Not one of the inside ones either. One of the outside ones that never get changed. The maintenance guys will love this little surprise when they eventually find it. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (maniacal laughter)


The Spice Girl has asked me to cover a few slides in the QBR. I naturally said 'sure, no problem. I can handle that.' Inwardly, I am freaking out. It's not until Tuesday, hopefully I can psyche myself up to it. Holy cow, the QBR is a big deal. (Quarterly Business Review, Gareth)

I have spent just about the entire morning in meetings and reviewing documents and work instructions and I'm about to lose my mind. AAAh!!! All I can say is, thank God it's Friday!

10 reasons why I couldn't make it another day at work
  1. My brain went on vacation.
  2. I have developed a phobia of my calipers.
  3. The mosquito is still on the bathroom wall in the ladies restroom.
  4. Amnesia.
  5. I slipped and fell on the worms.
  6. I can't stand looking at JC's mustacheless upper lip.
  7. My need to be somewhere other then work has made it impossible for me to work.
  8. There is a dead moth on the floor under my desk.
  9. The Applied Innovation prints give me panic attacks.
  10. Then vending machine is out of skittles.


Can open, worms everywhere!!

Ok, so, nobody knows I'm the one that has initiated this, but, things just blew right up. One of the cell managers came back to the receiving department yesterday and just took my pallet jack. He said "This is mine now, you're going to have to get yourself something else." I was fit to be tied, and ready to kill him. Asshole! So, I went to the upper crust and pitched a bitch about professional work place behavior. I mentioned that I was just venting, but I did suggest that it should be a requirement, especially out of the management staff, that we hold to some degree of respect and professionalism. I left and assumed that it went in one ear and out the other.

It didn't! Today, this particular manager was in the production managers meeting talking about how he had been called into a meeting about his behavior. He was upset that it was perceived that he was not displaying a positive management image. I almost died. I didn't say a word. Nobody else did, either, I might add. I think we were all thinking the same thing, it's about damn time!

At least one good thing has come out of this so far. I got a req. approved to get a new pallet jack. I was shocked and amazed those things are so expensive. $519 for a cheap one. Yikes!

Speaking of money, Charlie and I got into a huge fight this morning over money. I hate money. I hate the fact that your life revolves around the need, want, desire, and obsession of money.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm so bored

It's 8:03 pm and I'm bored to death.

Vibrating Motors

This is definitely going to be one of those days. I don't feel like doing a thing today. And, I'm stuck going to the QSR this afternoon. That may literally kill me. 3 hours of speaker phone, power point, and quality jargon. God have mercy on my soul!

The bearded woman is in the receiving department talking to one of the receivers about vibrating motors. I'm cracking up listening to it because, if you didn't know any better, you would have some serious curiosity about why they are talking about vibrating motors, if you catch my drift. And, just what exactly do they have that has a vibrating motor! LOL

But, since I know better, it's just too funny. (One of the assemblies we build requires a motion feature - hence, vibrating motor.)

Double Vision

Connie O. and I have on almost the exact same outfit today. I hate that! I wore a black turtle neck under a brown corduroy blazer, boot cut jeans, and black tall heeled boots. I had to take the blazer off to wear my smock of course, so now I'm just wearing the black turtle neck. I head into the production managers meeting, and there's Connie, in a black turtle neck and jeans. I didn't get a chance to see what her shoes look like.

Joe has invited himself over to my house to have our kids ride dirt bikes together when Zach's arm heals. I got a very weird vibe about it this morning. I'm hoping that it's just me reading into a situation too much.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Charlie and Thomas practicing shooting the bow. For anyone out there that is not an outdoor sports enthusiast, bow season opens October 1st where I live. Those of you out there that are animal lovers who are horrified at the thought of this, don't worry, no animals have been hurt or killed by this man with a bow. (Not that he hasn't tried.) Posted by Picasa

My Favorite Email Past Time??

Why, it's deleting crap I don't even want to think about.

Dave just came down to ask about the FAR I'm supposed to be working on for the new planner. Now, I have no clue what FAR he's talking about. So, I say "Dave, I have no clue what your talking about." I know, incredibly witty!! LOL He's puzzled, and looks at me, and asks "Didn't you get my email?" Now, I know he probably did send the email, and I deleted it. I couldn't help it, I started to laugh. I told him about my bad habit, then he's laughing.

After requesting him to resend, I promised I wouldn't delete this one out. So, this is what he sent me:

Important! Do not delete!

(important attachment here, of course I can't actually paste the attachment)

David X. XXXX

Gotta Love Dilbert

This is me, today, sitting at the Otsego table waiting for the stand up meeting. After hearing myself paged to the Superior room, I then discovered they had changed the meeting to an actual meeting in one of the conference rooms. The nerve!!

Here's the whole problem. We have a fricking million meeting places. Just to name a few......

  1. The Huron Room
  2. The Superior Room
  3. The Otsego Table
  4. The Swamp Room
  5. The Empty Office (Yes, that is indeed what it is referred to by name)
  6. Byron's Table
  7. Sherri's Desk (now, this one is my absolute biggest pain in the neck. I can't skip out of a stand up meeting at my own desk.)

Sad to say, everything listed above is a bonafide location on my outlook calendar.

Let the games begin!

Forever a prankster, Jim C. dropped a skid off right in front of our door. Elizabeth and I were talking and didn't even notice. Elizabeth turns around and asks "Did you bring this?" I just about died. Off in the distance was Jim peeking around the wave solder machine. I couldn't stop laughing. He yells over 'Keith told me to do it!' A second set of eyes peek around the wave machine .

(mission impossible music here)

The mission is - return Jim's skid back to his cell undetected.

Sherri, your job will be to deliver the skid during Jim's quality meeting. Bring it to his desk and lean it facing the main isle.

Also, please attach this note to the skid:

If Found Please Return to Jim C.


Update: This skid has been sucessfully placed in front of Jim's desk. LOL!!! Sign in tact. He has yet to notice it's there.
Update: Jim has found the skid. It is now sitting directly behind his desk, leaning on the table.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A smell that will curl your nose hair

They changed the dumpster last night, and, I can barely breath back here. The smell is so nasty and putrid it's making my eyes burn. Ack!!!! We have both dock doors open, and one receiver went home sick because of it. Good grief!! Hopefully complaints to the health and safety representative have gotten some action, if not, I'll complain again, only this time I'll go much higher on the food chain.

Because of my lack of sleep last night, I'm having a porn star hair day. Yikes!! The sad thing is, I've gotten 2 compliments on my hair today, one from Mr. Flame. (Yes, Jessica, Mr. Flame has returned. Haven't spoken about him in a while.) There must be some sort of attraction that guys have to big hair.

Bad Dreams

I'm stuck. I can't sleep because of a bad dream. I've been laying in bed for over an hour and I just couldn't take it anymore.

When I was in 7th grade I used to keep a dream journal. I was so into dream analysis back then, I actually still have that dream book I used to use. Maybe in the morning I'll pull it out and analyze this thing.

So, I'm in my dream and it's night time out. I'm with a guy who in my dream I know, but in the waking hours I don't have a clue who he is. He must have been a boyfriend or husband or something, because I absolutely loved this guy. Something extra terrestrial is happening, but I haven't exactly seen any aliens. You can just feel them out there, in the darkness. We've run from the house (don't exactly remember what the house looked like anymore) and gotten in a car. I can't get the doors to lock and I'm totally freaking out because I just know they are going to come get us. The guy just keeps telling me to hold the door shut and they won't be able to get in.

That's when I woke up. Now I can't sleep. :(

Monday, September 12, 2005

So Much Stuff, So Little Time

I know that I've only missed 3 days of work, but it seems like a month. Seriously. In the time since I last worked:

  • The maintenance guys finished the smoking hut. Odd as it may seem, Gaylord has passed a city ordinance that prohibits people from smoking in public within the city limits. I definitely need to get a picture of this smoking area on here. It's tiny. Miniscule. We have 235 people working in my facility, and if even 1/4 of them were smokers that would be around maybe 60 people. It would be next to impossible to get 30 people in this little thing. I don't smoke, but I feel for the smokers. This hut is basically a 3 sided metal enclosure located smack dab in the middle of the parking lot.
  • One of the quality tech's up and quit. No notice, no anything. I didn't even get a chance to wish her best of luck.
  • Jim shaved off his mustache. I'm totally in shock still. He doesn't even look like the same person. And, the white area above his lip gives me the creeps.
  • My boss has added to her spice girl accessory collection. She wore a brown derby hat today and knee high go go boots. She has totally missed the boat with current trends. That's what happens when you get old, it's already out of style before you jump on the band wagon. I want to tell her how ridiculous she looks, but I just don't have the heart.

Point of Interest: The guy who taught the first aid classes today was totally buff. Judging by how he was nearly completely hairless (from what I could see on his arms and chest) I'm guessing he does some competitive body building. Such a shame I was forced to sit in his recertification training for 7 hours out of my day. :)

Also, Norm is getting married next week! I thought for sure I was hearing things at first, he was all excited about how his bride was flying in from Hawaii. Yes, you heard that right, she lives in Hawaii. They met 6 years ago on the internet. One day while I was supposed to be working, Sandy and I stumbled across his internet personal ad. That was about 4 months ago!! What was he still doing with a personal ad out there?? (You don't even want to know why Sandy and I were looking through them.) That whole situation is bazaar. So, she's flying in, they are having a ceremony here for his family, then they fly to Hawaii to have one for her family, then he flies back, alone. Today, he called her Bridezilla. I can't imagine how awkward that has to be planning a wedding when your fiance doesn't even live in the continental United States, or vice versa.

Picture it, the Huron room, September 12, 2005.....

Several of the managers, including myself, are gathered around the conference table awaiting CPR recerts. Now, since I was gone from work for the past 3 days, I had absolutely no idea I would be doing this today. I'm horrified. Each of us is handed our own mouth piece to the dummy and we pair up for partner CPR. Ugh, I get Ed. The military guy, everything has to be absolutely perfect. There is just nothing like kneeling on the floor hovering above a CPR dummy with someone pacing back and forth monitoring your every move. (That would be the instructor pacing back and forth.) I begin with the chest compressions, Ed takes the breaths. At this point, I realize, I have on lipgloss. When I go to do the breaths, I'm going to leave lip gloss all over this mouth piece. I'm so intently thinking about this, I forget to start counting as I do the compressions. Of course Ed says "Count", and I start over, this time actually paying attention to what I'm doing.

After we finish the 4 compression cycles, it is now my turn to do the breaths. I hate this part most. Breathing into a plastic dummy just somehow seems so wrong to me. But, you'll be happy to know, I got a 100% on the written test, and passed the hands on. So, if ever someone happens to collapse, choke, stop breathing, or lose their pulse, I am still certified in CPR.

Next step:

Blood borne pathogens and First Aid. Which, I need to be leaving right now because the class is starting in 2 minutes.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Pictures just can't capture what this looks like in person. It does look really cool. Mostly green with a spot of bright red. Posted by Picasa

10 Reasons why I stayed home instead of going to my mother-in-law's with my family

1. I get light headed from the 9 million different scented candles strewn across the place.

2. It bugs me that she stores chips in her oven.

3. I don't feel like talking about a new mattress.

4. The magnetic pull her candy drawer has over me frightens me.

5. I'm still upset about what she said to me the last time we spoke on the phone.

6. She compares me to my sisters-in-law.

7. She treats me like I'm gigantic. I'm 5'4.

8. It makes me sad to see how much she still misses Charlie's dad. She keeps a picture of him sitting on the couch, watching TV, next to her chair. He died of cancer 9 years ago.

9. It gives me anxiety attacks to be around so many people. She always has a house full.

10. I always leave her house with a pounding headache.

Home Made Pizza

Ok, so, I cheated. :) Nobody even noticed. I used pizza crust out of a biscuit like tube and Ragu pizza sauce. But, it certainly was good!

When I was a kid home made pizza went hand in hand with special occasions. Family get together?? Why, let's make pizza. Birthday?? Let's do a pizza. 8th grade graduation?? I've got the pizza cooking in the oven. To this day I still get a big smile on my face as I put together a pizza.

Last night as I was frying up the burger and bacon and stuff my mind skipped back to the time that my Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jack had come back to Michigan for a visit. My cousin Jackie and I were out in my Grandma's front yard walking on the stones. (She had a thing for stones. All of her flower beds were surrounded by big stones.)

I haven't seen Jackie in probably 8 years. I wish my family was close sometimes. After my Grandma died, it's like we all just forgot about each other. Not a good thing.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


I love this movie! I finally decided to rent it, let's just say, I can definitely empathize with Jlo's character.

This morning my Mother-in-Law calls up my husband to tell him that there is a sale at one of the furniture stores in town and she wants to buy us a new mattress. I'm sitting in the living room, thinking to myself, now where in the heck did that come from? A new mattress?


Popularity is such a ridiculous thing. Why is it that in order to feel good about one's self, that person feels the need to make someone else feel terrible? I just don't get it. I probably never will. And, it never ends. It doesn't matter how old you get, or how much money you have, or don't have for that matter. I am almost guaranteed that when I am 90 years old living in that senior assisted living center that my kids check me into there will be some other 90 year old resident who will be cruising around making fun of everyone else.

I no longer care about popularity, or whether or not everyone else likes me anymore. I am myself, like it or leave it. I do have a list of people whose opinions do matter to me, and I take them into great consideration. They would be my genuine friends, my family, my coworkers and the people who work for me. These people see me everyday, through thick and thin, and don't care that I have faults, or say the wrong thing from time to time, and pretty much like me just the way I am.

Friday, September 09, 2005

The Evil Fortress of Dr. Rau

I absolutely can not stand that orthopedic surgeon. He's a humongous balding fake tan dufus. He tripped on the way into the room and just about obliterated his twirling stool when he collapsed on it.

7 Reasons why I Can't Stand this Guy

  1. My appointment was for 1:30. He comes strolling into our room at 2:05.
  2. When he noticed I was irritated with his lateness (apparently my 'God-what-in-the-hell-took-so-long' sigh tipped him off) he asked if I was ok.
  3. When I said I was just fine, he said "I'm not that late" and laughed.
  4. 5 minutes into his in depth analysis of Zachary's x-rays he actually noticed I had a 2 year old in the room with us as well. (Absolutely stuck on himself and his wonderfulness. Puke!)
  5. He then spent the next 10 minutes playing with Thomas. What the hell??
  6. After another 5 minutes of telling me about a conference he's going to next Friday, he says he wants to see Zach on the following Monday to put on a regular cast.
  7. Naturally, the receptionist was not friendly when I had to schedule another appointment. I just smiled and told her to have a good day as I was leaving the office. Bitch!!

Stayed Home Again Today

Yes, I have stayed home with my kids once again. Zachary goes in today for his orthopedic surgeon appointment, I'm thinking they are probably just going to put a regular cast on his arm. Which, I was totally pissed off yesterday when I called the damned doctors office to confirm my appointment. The nurse at the emergency room had told me to call and tell them that Dr. Logan had already talked to Dr. Rau and I was to confirm an appointment. I call Dr. Rau's office, and they treat me like I'm crack addicted welfare trash making up a story. I had my 'sufficiently rude' voice going by the end of the conversation.

"Ok, so what your are telling me then is, your office has no way of keeping track of what Dr. Rau does in a day, or what doctors he speaks with. Odd, I mean, I presume you are the one who answers the phone, am I correct?" I am oozing with sweetness as I slip this out.

"Yes, I am the receptionist, Dr. Rau receives several calls a day, Dr. Rau doesn't always confirm referrals with me," I can hear her typing away in the back ground. I'm beginning to think he did let her know, she set the information aside, and has just now found it.

"Well then, this is what needs to be done. Zach was in the ER on Wednesday with a broken arm. DR. Rau assisted Dr. Logan on how to set the break. Dr. Logan then referred me to this office for follow up. Either you can fit him in, or I go back to the ER and speak with someone about another referral. My 11 year old is wearing a temporary cast held together by ace bandages." This time I was matter of fact. I still hear her furiously typing away.

"We have an opening at 1:30 on Friday. Will that work for you?" It is now she who is dripping with sweetness.

"That will be just fine." I have taken on my overly sweet voice again.

"Just one last thing. Dr. Rau is going to need you to bring Zach's x-rays with you." Damn her!! Now I'm pissed off again. That means I have to go back to the ER and request the stupid things. I'm not going to let her win.

"No problem. Have a nice day now" End of conversation.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

On my way to Wal Mart to pick up some pain medication for Zachary I came across the 'Turkey' family. Now, you tell me, I was able to park my vehicle, exit through the drivers side door, and proceed to snap the entire process of them crossing the road. And hunters require camo, turkey calls, and whispering?? Posted by Picasa

Look both ways Tom! Posted by Picasa

All right kids, let's go!! Posted by Picasa

Home stretch, almost there.... Posted by Picasa

Safety at last! Posted by Picasa

The Sanity is Slipping Away.......

I have officially lost my mind. Just 5 seconds ago I said to myself "I should have just gone to work today damn it!". What is the world coming to??????

So far today, I didn't get any of the wonderful me time I was so looking forward to. You know, the first thing in the morning quiet time when nobody else is up. Not today! On a normal school day, I need heavy machinery to get that kid out of bed. Not today. He was up at 6:30 asking me if I could rent him movies to watch. Naturally, I'm trying to shush him so he doesn't wake Thomas up. He continues on anyway, waking him up on purpose, I'm almost positive.

So, here I am, 2 1/2 hours later, at my breaking point, wishing I was at work. I could absolutely scream. Zach has been constantly instigating Thomas by taking his toys, and Thomas is crying because Zach took his toys, and for Gods sake, I can't take anymore of those stupid kid shows!!

Zachary and Thomas in the play land at BK last weekend. Sometimes they do get along! :) Posted by Picasa

I don't need any help! Posted by Picasa

Hmmmm....... is that a french fry? Posted by Picasa

Look Mom! No eyes! Posted by Picasa

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