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Monday, October 31, 2005

The Mighty Candy Hunters

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The Devil Made Me Do It

I was late posting my hours this morning. I'm supposed to have it done by 9:00! When I heard the HR woman paging my name, I suddenly remembered and posted them as quickly as I could.

When she paged me the second time, I non chalantly stated "Hmmm.... that's funny. I swear I posted them this morning. Let me look...." Of course, she immediately offers to look herself.

"Oh, they are here..... I guess you did....." now she is totally puzzled. LOL

What can I say? The devil made me do it! >:)

Secret Halloween Confession

In honor of Halloween, I'm wearing underwear with a Jack o' lantern face on the back side.

Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mr. Morris

I realize that by doing this, I'm doing exactly what Mr. Morris is looking for. I'm drawing attention to his blog. But, I'm going to do this anyway.

Mr. Morris left the following comment on my other blog, the one I've been doing for fun.

Morris said...
Sounds boring.

All I have to say is, how very disrespectful can someone be. Apparently he has done this all over blog land, one other blogger had commented on my post as well, he had called her 'useless'. I believe in free speech and everything, but, let's have a little class and dignity.


I took the kids to McDonald's this morning for a treat. It started out innocent enough. I pull into the parking lot, walk into the store with Thomas and Zach, and get in line. No big deal. So as we're standing there deciding on what we all want for breakfast, a grizzly looking Michael Landon wanna be just turns around and looks us over, finally talking to Thomas. I didn't quite know what to do, so I just stood there. He was freaking me out. I should be used to it by now, this kind of stuff happens to me all the time, but I'm not. He says to Thomas "I'll bet your name is Fred." He continued on talking, but I was to weirded out by the whole thing to pay attention. He looked at me, so I smiled, not wanting to be totally rude. Thank God the lady at the register was asking for the next person in line (him) so I politely told him it was his turn.

I'll bet you think the story ends there, don't you! :D

So, he tells her his order, and it is an absolute ton of food. I think he was up hunting with a bunch of hunting buddies or something. He wasn't dressed all nasty or anything, but I'll bet that was what he was doing. She has him stand off to the side while they prepare his order and calls me up to the register. So now I'm standing side by side with this guy hoping he would just disappear off the face of the earth. He says to me "you're awfully cute. How come you're so sad?" I just stare at him. Sad? I wasn't sad. I just wanted to get the heck away from him.

"I'm not sad, I'm just a little tired," I was trying to remain polite. Ugh. He was hitting on me. :<

He then looks down at Thomas clinging to my leg and says "You need to take it easy on your Mom Fred, it's a shame to see such a lovely face frowning." At that moment, his food had been bagged and he was told to have a nice day by the register girl. He looks at Thomas, says "bye Fred", smiles, and leaves.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Do you 'really' know Sherri? Take the test and find out.

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!


I'm so tired. :(

It should be a crime against humanity to make people work this early in the morning.

10 Things that Should be a Crime Against Humanity
  1. Starting work at 5AM.
  2. Wearing white athletic socks with mules.
  3. Underwire bra's.
  4. Plumbers crack.
  5. Rotting nubs for teeth.
  6. Scott H. being single. (an engineer I work with.)
  7. Hairy toes.
  8. Selling Tammy Faye Mesner (Baker) make-up.
  9. Unkempt beards.
  10. Men with long toe nails.

Yes, I can't quite get it together today. I was going to attach a picture to all of the crimes listed above, but they were just to gross this early in the morning. Especially the teeth...... ACK!!!

Here she comes....... Ms. Saturday................

(pulling out sash, dusting off crown)

Yes, my court, it is once again that time, time for Ms. Saturday to perform her royal duties. 53 members I have today, and one really chatty Scott A. (I have barely been able to get a word in edgewise!)

(Yes, I am extremely tired. I don't really think I'm all that coherent at the moment. What do you expect?? It's 5AM, and I'm at work!)

Friday, October 28, 2005

I thought he was a pirate

I've seen this guy driving around town in a van for the past couple of days. I immediately assumed he was dressed up as a pirate for some reason or another, he's wearing a black eye patch and has one of those fu man chu mustaches.

I get to the bank just now, and the pirate in the van pulls up. So, as obvious as I possibly can be, I am staring at him to see his costume. It was not a costume! He was literally a man with an eye patch from some kind of injury, or maybe his eye is missing.

Which made me think of the girl from college. Jessica and I had seen her at orientation and totally assumed she was trying to be like Sinead O'Conner. (She was completely bald.) We had even made comments to each other about this. Well, it turns out, Jessica and I had a class with her in it, and we became somewhat friends with her. She had cancer, and that was why she didn't have any hair. We both felt terrible, and confessed to her what we had assumed. She laughed, and pulled out a few pictures she carried from when her hair was still long.

I wish I didn't jump to assumptions like I do.

I've suddenly realised..........

I am not amazed at anything my husband does anymore. This morning, for example, he walks into the upstairs bathroom while I'm getting ready and takes off his hat. He says 'look what Thomas did.' I look. He has a new haircut. It's horrible. He let Thomas cut his hair.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Just Call him Fabio

Julie and I were talking about Dave's confession that he dressed up as Red Ridinghood last year on Halloween. No, you are not mistaken, I did say Red Ridinghood. (Complete with patent leather red pumps.) We seen him coming, so as he walked through the door Julie says "Well, speak of the Devil, here you are."

Dave laughs a bit and says "Now, how come it's always the Devil? Would it kill you to say 'speaking of Fabio, here he his'" Needless to say, Julie and are were paralyzed with laughter. Dave was laughing too.

Picture it: 53 year old man with hair growing out of his nose and ears, demon shaped eyebrows, and perfectly smooth hairless legs. Fabio?? I think not.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I can't sleep!! I've tried it all. I counted sheep. I watched tv. I read. What baffles me is, I'm so tired, but all I do is stare at the ceiling.

I hate it when I get like this.

Personal Greed

Some people just make me sick.

scenario: Around Halloween time every year the suppliers will send candy bars in the boxes along with the components. I was back in the receiving department earlier today and noticed the girls had piles of candy bars on their desks. It struck me as a little odd, but I didn't think anything more of it until 4 hours later when one of the helpers back there asked me if she keep the bag of skittles that came in the box. Then I remembered, it's Halloween time, that's where all that candy was coming from. I told her she could keep anything she came across, she was opening packages. I was appalled at what she told me. Apparently, the receiving girls had told the helpers they had to put all the candy in a bin. I was so mad!!!

If there is one thing in the world I hate, it's greedy people! Even I didn't know about all the candy that was coming in. So, out of my entire department, the 2 receivers had hoarded at least a hundred candy bars. I was absolutely disgusted. I pulled the bin out, and with fake smiles and cheer, I announced to everyone that we had a ton of candy bars, everyone needs to help themselves.

The look on the receivers faces was absolutely priceless. Deer caught in the headlights all the way. They both confronted me after the fact and told me they were going to sit the candy out for everyone but they hadn't had a chance. Like I'm stupid enough to fall for that. I was disappointed, and you could tell by my response. I just told them both that we are all a part of a team back here, and I do my best for everyone back here, it's a very big disappointment to see people on my team who don't respect what being part of a team is.

Gluttony is one of the deadly sins.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hmmm.... you think this guy is a cat lover?  Posted by Picasa

In Today's Production Managers Meeting

Lots of good stuff today!

  1. I seen my first 3D ultrasound picture. (Ed passed around the little guy.) Which sparked the conversation of cute vs. ugly babies. 2 people spit coffee through their noses when I finally commented "Just face it. There are cute babies, and there are hideous babies. It just happens. Why lie?"
  2. The idea was put forth for JC to visit Homosexual Springs during his vacation in Florida to swim with the Man with Tea. We have offered to pitch in and purchase him a gold speedo, gold flip flops, and plenty of bling bling. (RB got irritated at this. He actually suggested going to Homasassa to swim with the manatee.)
  3. Joe brought up the fascinating fact that on an average women speak more then 7000 words a day, men only speak around 2000. Joe, Ed, and Keith then decided to keep a tally of every word I said in the meeting. I only made it to 52, and a million giggles.
  4. Jim ran from the room unexpectedly. Literally, he ran. We all laughed!!!
  5. Somehow the topic of Jerry Springer came up. We have unanimously voted to bring him to our company to find out if Ed really is the daddy.

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Walls have Ears

Anyone who knows me knows I talk about just about everything and anything. Sometimes personal stuff, sometimes just plain crazy stuff.

Today Julie and I were talking about 'swinging'.

Of course, I was the one who brought the subject up. We were talking about euchre, and I mentioned the last time I played, and the conversation that had transpired at that game. (Short and simple, the couple we were playing cards with wanted to 'swap' with us! And, no, no 'swapping' took place.) I was laughing so hard, and Julie starts to tell me about someone who works with us who had propositioned her and her husband to do the same. That's when I heard Joe clear his throat on the other side of the wall. He was listening the whole time. I almost died. He's gotta think we are absolutely crazy.

After Joe left Julie starts laughing and tells me she's noticed Joe has been sticking around his desk quite a bit anymore. She also noticed his face turns red anytime he has anything to say to us. I can't imagine why??? I mean, we spend the day talking about Julie's sexually active 91 year old grandma, spouse swapping, and strippers. (Those would be today's topics of conversation.)

This is Rufus! Posted by Picasa

Isn't he just the cutest thing you ever seen??? Posted by Picasa

Move over John Travolta!

The song from 'Grease' is playing on the radio! LOL

What a day, we're all back here doing disco moves, like lunatics. But, we're having fun for the first time in a few weeks. :D

Interesting side note: I was absolutely head over heels in love with John Travolta when I was 5 years old. I also wanted to be a 'Sweathog'.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


I was talking in my sleep during my nap. I can barely remember it, but I recall Charlie coming into my bedroom and asking me why I'm laughing so hard. 'I' remember telling Charlie I'm not laughing. I was somewhere between consciousness and sleep because he says I only mumbled something with my eyes shut.

Here's the freaky part. This is the part that made me remember the whole incident about 3 hours later. After he left the bedroom, it was like I was paralyzed. I couldn't move a muscle. I was trying to scream for him to come back, but I couldn't do a thing.

This has happened to me many times before. In fact, I refuse to sleep on my back anymore because it always happens when I sleep on my back.

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which someone, most often lying in a supine (face up) position, about to drop off to sleep, or just upon awaking from sleep realizes that s/he is unable to move, or speak, or cry out. This may last a few seconds or several moments, occasionally longer. People frequently report feeling a 'presence' that is often described as malevolent, threatening, or evil. An intense sense of dread and terror is very common. The presence is likely to be vaguely felt or sensed just out of sight but thought to be watching or monitoring, often with intense interest, sometimes standing by, or sitting on the bed. On some occasions, the presence may attack, strangling and exerting crushing pressure on the chest. (I found this tidbit of information here)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

A Dog Named Rufus

Finally, a day worth writing about!

One of my oldest and closest friends Jessica invited me to her mom's open house today. I got an absolute bargain on tons of great Mary Kay stuff. It was pretty fun, I do have to say. I always get really intimidated when I think about being around her mom. A feeling that is left over from when we were kids. Today was not so bad though. Maybe because it's been so many years since I've seen her last, maybe because I'm an adult now, for whatever the reason, I really did enjoy myself. (She had some excellent Christmas tea!)

On our way out the door the most adorable puppy came running up to me. He was just so cute I couldn't resist. I ended up bringing him home with me! We've decided to call him Rufus. It was a toss up. I liked Cujo, Zachary wanted Buddy. Rufus just popped out and that's what stuck.

I was also able to point out Spicegirl to Jessica at Wal Mart!! She looked wonderful as usual. The sweatpants were back and a nasty case of bed head. I was embarrassed for her, but not too embarrassed to point her out to Jessica from about 15 feet behind her. We ended up heading right next to her at the Deli. I'm fairly certain she didn't even see me. Which is a good thing, I hate talking to people from work when I'm not, they always want to talk about work. Ugh!!

Plus I got to take a nice long nap. I love to sleep. Finally a good day.

Friday, October 21, 2005

8 Fantastic things that happened to me today

  1. My jeep did not burst into flames when I started it this morning.
  2. I was not kidnapped by the Taliban at the gas station.
  3. I continue to keep breathing without the aid of life support.
  4. Whoever was calling my phone when I arrived at my desk hung up before I had a chance to pick it up.
  5. I realised it was Friday, and decided not to do a damn thing all day. :D
  6. I was not eaten by a shark. (courtesy of Jessica. LOL)
  7. I am still completely mosquito bite free and lovin' it. (sorry to rub it in Phoenix)
  8. I have not, nor do I anticipate being struck down with bird flu.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm having a tough time

It's been a really really tough week for me. My nerves are shot and I'm about to go insane. My job has gotten the better of me.

I'm just so stressed out. I'm trying really hard, but I feel like I can't get my head above water. I have planners on my ass all day. First Articles, parts in NCM, stuff due to be received that hasn't made it through the door but they've gotta have it. It's gotten so bad that Dave has become my ally. Can you believe that?? I am receiving help from Dave. AAAAAH!!!!!

I don't know how things could have changed so drastically overnight. I barely even have anything in inspection. But, it's like everything is red hot before it even hits the door. I have to got to do some research. Something is different with the way this stuff is being expedited. It's just to hectic.

Mr. Brown Star is very upset with me. The only applicant for my vacant position is one of his people. I had to take her, she was more then qualified for the position. He acts like I have totally decimated his line. Power hungry, pure and simple. I've taken a piece of his empire.

Charlie has not been home at all this week. I'm about ready to just fricken go insane. I put up with crap all day at work. Petty gripes and complaints and bitching and the only thing I want is to be able to get home and forget all that stuff. But, I get home and I've got my kids driving me insane too. Zach hitting Thomas and Thomas getting into stuff and the stupid phone ringing and it's Charlie's mom.

And I could just sit down and cry right at this very moment. I can't take anymore, and if it wasn't for this blog I probably would be sitting in the bathroom with the door locked crying because I just don't feel like I can take any more at this particular moment in time.

Zach hit Thomas in the face with a pop bottle and gave him a bloody nose. I totally lost it. I grabbed the bottle, threw it across the room, and screamed at Zach to go up to his room.

So, here I am. I had to step back from that situation before I became someone I would never ever respect ever again. My every last button has been pushed, there is nothing left. And I have no idea where Charlie even is. Why can't he understand that I need help, that I'm completely drowning.

Or does he see it, and not really care.

A Muffin, a Missing Pack of Smokes, and a Man Doused in Cologne

What do these 3 things have in common??

Charlie was running around frantically this morning looking for a brand new pack of cigarettes that he bought yesterday. He asked me several times if I had seen them. (I don't smoke.) Each time I said no I hadn't seen them. He leaves for work and I assume he either found them or he was going to buy a new pack.

So, while heading in to work I decide to stop and pick up muffins for everyone. I was in the mood for one and I hadn't done anything like that in a while. I stop at the store and head to the bakery. A guy wearing cologne so strong my eyes watered uncontrollably was following right behind me. I tried like heck but I couldn't lose him. He was headed to the same exact spot that I was. I grabbed my muffins, high tailed it for the check, and hoped to get the heck out of there before the guy found me.

The cashier rings up the muffins and gives me the total. (Damn, Rico Suave had caught up to me at this point) I dig in to my purse only to find out that Charlie had cleaned me out. So I exclaim rather annoyed with cologne driven tears in my eyes "God damn it, he took my last $10 bill!" I was immediately embarrassed that I had made such a scene. (I presume Charlie took my $10 to buy a new pack of cigarettes.) Good lord, I had my debit card, all I had to do was ring it up. I look up to see the cologne man handing the cashier money. I was horrified.

"It's on me," he says. "You look like your having a rough day." I was humiliated and about 30 shades of red by now. I immediately refused to have the cashier take his money. He insisted. I wanted to die.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do you think this guy knows?

Hmmmm....... is it a little drafty around here?? Posted by Picasa

It could be worse....

Because I've had such a rotten day, I post this! I could be in this guy's shoes! Posted by Picasa


I am absolutely miserable. It is a sadistic soul who created the design for this bra. It's going to kill me before the day is through.

My skin is chafing, the underwire is poking into my arm pit, and the straps are out in the middle of nowhere on my shoulders.

But I look good. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Posting

The first thing out of Mr. Brown Star's mouth as he entered the production managers meeting this morning was "I want to know how Elizabeth is out the door one day and you have it posted already!" He's looking right at me. I crinkle up my nose and open my eyes really big. He's upset.

"I don't know......" I was at a loss for words. He then continued to tell me that he's lost 8 people and he doesn't have a single req. approved. "I gave my req. to [director of operations] and he signed it. I don't know what to tell you guys."

"Well, that explains it....." he said and looked off. I was a little hurt, I followed the same process everyone else did. I can't even begin to know why mine was approved and theirs weren't. He dropped the subject at that and it wasn't brought back up until the director of operations decided to join the meeting. He had a round table to ask everyone what their concerns were. Mr. Brown Star immediately brought up staffing. I was horrified at the response he got. It was the director of operations' call and he decided not to sign his staff req.'s. He stated that without hesitation.

I felt horrible. There is nothing worse then feeling like you have been singled out in any way or given privileged treatment to place you above your peers in their presence. A couple of them looked right at me after this statement. I kept a straight face and looked straight ahead. I knew exactly what they were thinking. I would have been thinking the same thing.

Office politics. It's a really crappy way to start the day. And, I woke up with another headache too.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Something Just Isn't Right

I think someone was rifling through my work space last weekend. It's freaking me out. My calendar was on the floor, the fan was turned down low, and my revised inspection plan was not on the cork board where it was. I'm wracking my brain, but I can't remember if I put my smock on my chair or on my desk when I left Friday. I always throw it on my desk at the end of the day, it was on my chair when I came in this morning.

This isn't the first time I've noticed something like this, but it has been a really long time since it last happened. Only a few people actually have a key to my inspection area. Maintenance, one or 2 manufacturing engineers, the SQE, and the second shift managers. I can't understand why someone would want to come back here and hang out?? Yikes! They didn't use my computer, I shut it all the way down, and when it came back up this morning it still had my sign on info in it. Just too weird.

The last time I noticed this whoever had been back here had my smock and did God knows what with it. The sleeves were turned inside out on it. I threw it out and got a new one from materials. Ugh!!!!!

This just totally creeps me out.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Spectacular! Posted by Picasa

Kind of plays tricks on the eyes, doesn't it. Posted by Picasa

Hell on Earth, AKA Wal Mart

Yes, it is that time of the week again, time for my trip to Wal Mart. I have grown to despise the place. Everything from the pushy 'Free Sample' people to the obese and elderly in their motorized shopping carts.

My plan of revenge for the day?? I'm going to pull right up behind a parking space lurker that is waiting for people to finish loading their purchases in their car and beep my horn. Hopefully they'll drive away, and I'll get their spot. LOL

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Witty Quote

"A word to the wise ain’t necessary, it is the stupid ones who need all the advice."- Bill Cosby

I came across this quote earlier today, it cracked me up. If you think about it, he's right on the money.


I woke up with another one of my headache's. I hate it when I get these stupid headaches. I can literally feel my head throb with every movement of my neck. Hopefully the motrin will kick in soon.

My kids are on my every last nerve at the moment. I'm pretty sure that Zachary is being extra loud and annoying on purpose because he knows I'm not feeling well. I purposely went into the computer room this morning to get out of the chaos that was happening in the living room, and what does he do?? He sits in the living room and starts driving one his remote control cars right next to me. Now this really infuriated me, I got up, grabbed the controller, and asked Zachary why in the heck would he continue to do this crap when he knows I have a bad headache. Of course, Charlie tells me to take it easy. Just one of these days I would like to see him experience one of my days. Especially one where I wake up with a headache.

Typical Work Day Routine
  • Wake up at 5:45 to take shower
  • Get dressed and start doing hair
  • Attempt to wake up Zach at 6:20
  • Finish doing makeup
  • Attempt #2 to wake Zach up at 6:30
  • Get Thomas up and make him a piece of toast
  • Attempt #3 to wake Zach up at 6:40 (now I'm upset, he's running late)
  • Search everywhere for socks for Thomas as I'm dressing him
  • Tell Zach to get off his butt and get dressed, brush his teeth, and get ready. (Only 10 minutes left before we have to go.)
  • I begin to search everywhere because Zach claims to not have any clothes for school. Ironically, the night before when I asked if he had clothes to wear today, he said yes.
  • 7:05, sitting in car waiting for Zach to get his but out there, we are now 5 minutes late. I drive way to fast to get to daycare before Zach's bus gets there.
  • 7:15 I arrive at work. I'm stopped by every single person who works for me to fill me in on the issues they've encountered in the 15 minutes since the start of the shift.
  • 7:30 I get to my desk and turn on the computer to find about 15 new emails.
  • 8:00 production managers meeting for 45 minutes.
  • 8:45 attempt to start reading and answering the emails. I print the priority list, make modifications to the inspection and receiving metrics, and answer several phone calls for needed parts.
  • 10:00 one of the quality tech's comes to my desk with suspect components that may not be to IPC standards. I spend the next hour researching, taking pictures, and emailing the SQE on my findings.
  • 11:00 I finally have time to start working on inspecting components on the priority list. By now, all planners have emailed me or called to let me know they need these components asap.
  • 11:30 I take my lunch. Thank God!! I need to get out of the rat race.
  • 12:30 I'm back. It takes me another 30 minutes to get back to my desk. I am once again stopped by every single person who works for me to fill me in on the current issues they have encountered.
  • 1:00 Finally back to my desk, I work like hell to get the inspections completed for the components on my priority list.
  • 2:30 I discover that I don't have a print for one of the components on the list. I've looked it up in the drawing control module, it doesn't even exist. I get with the DOC control coordinator, she tells me I have to get with the business manager. I get with the business manager, he blows me off, too busy. I get with the planner to tell her the business manager has no intentions of ordering the print, that she will not be able to release her job because the components will be placed in NCM. The planner has a coronary. :D
  • 3:15 I finally make it back to my desk. The planner has notified the business manager that he WILL get us the required print and it WILL be as soon as possible.
  • 4:00 I shut the computer off at my desk and get the heck out of there while I still can.
  • 4:10 I pick my kids up at daycare and head home.
  • 4:20 We make it home and I begin to pick things up around the house and decided what I'm going to have for dinner. I check my email and read a little news and catch up on blogs to relax from the day.
  • 5:00 Charlie finally gets home from work. He decides he's going to go over to Rick's for a couple of minutes, but he'll be right back. (yah right.)
  • 5:30 I start making dinner. I finally decided on spanish rice. Easy to cook and doesn't take a lot of preparation. My kids are on my last nerve, I'm about ready to strangle them.
  • 6:00 Dinner is done, still no Charlie, Zach won't eat because he says he hates rice, so it's just Thomas and I. We sit at the counter and enjoy our meal. Zach is watching TV.
  • 6:30 Zach decides he's going to make popcorn. I tell him no way, he will eat what I made for dinner. He gets mad, storms away, and stomps outside. Still no Charlie.
  • 7:00 I've cleaned up 2 messes now, Thomas first got into baby wipes, then baby powder. I'm frustrated beyond belief. Zach has finally decided to eat, and made a huge mess in the kitchen. How hard is it to scoop some rice from a pan into a plate? He's mad at me because I'm making him clean up after himself.
  • 7:30 Charlie finally gets home. I'm ticked right off now. My nerves are frazzled, and I would choke him to death if I knew I could get away with it. He says to me 'I wasn't gone that long. What's the big deal?' (Resisting urge to wrap fingers around neck)
  • 8:00 I end the conversation and go to my room. I can take no more, I've given up. I watch TV for an hour or two and finally fall asleep.

Amazing. I've never really put one of my average days into words before. That's a lot of stuff! One person should not have to go through this day after day after day. But, there are people everywhere who do. (BTW, that was my Thursday schedule. I've had better days, and much worse days.)

Friday, October 14, 2005

Here we are at the start of the evening for Charlie and Sherri Sanders. Let's all sit back and enjoy.  Posted by Picasa

Tonights tour guide will be Mr. Charlie Sanders. Charlie is accompanied by his wonderful wife and 2 sons.  Posted by Picasa

Yep, it's me. Posted by Picasa

The first stop on our journey for this evening is to check on the rye field. Do you suppose it has been found by the deer yet? Posted by Picasa

Nothing like a jeep to get you where you need to go! Posted by Picasa

Fall colors at the edge of the field. Posted by Picasa

What's this?? Deer tracks in the rye field? That's a good sign! Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The rye patch, yummy snack for the deer! Posted by Picasa

Zachary and Thomas contemplating the meaning of life in the rye patch. Posted by Picasa

On our way to the next step in the journey. To the left, a beautiful view of fall folliage. Posted by Picasa

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