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Saturday, September 22, 2007

2 Months to Go

If I hear one more person comment on how huge I am, I'm going to scream!

For the life of me I can't understand how some women just LOVE being pregnant, they come alive, they glow. From the minute they find out the good news they are just completely enraptured in it all.

I am NOT one of those women.

I am miserable, and crabby, and just wish each and every day to be put out of my misery. I hate my gigantic belly and I absolutely hate the fact that everyone feels the compulsion to comment on how 'big' I've become.

It's almost like a statement of shock.

I already KNOW how big I am, I do own a mirror. Must you people remind me every second of the day with each new conversation I have??

Yesterday I was in the main isle at work when one of my coworkers yelled out to me, from almost across the plant, commenting how I was really starting to 'pop out there'. Naturally, every eye in the vicinity was upon me. I wanted to die.

November 19th can not get here soon enough.

In other news: I found out this week that I have also developed gestational diabetes. Apparently the placenta can, in some women, block the mother's ability to make and use all the insulin in their body.

So far I am fortunate, however. I do not need to do insulin shots.

Let's just hope my luck is with me for the rest of the pregnancy. I am already on an almost starvation diet, I can not imagine having to intentionally give myself insulin shots on top of that.

One last tidbit of info: The lady from the employment agency did not call me back with the details as she had stated she would. While I find it completely unprofessional, I am a bit relieved as well.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Employment Agency

In June I had posted my resume on the Michigan Works site, not really expecting any outcome, but posting just in case.

Friday I was contacted by a woman who works at an employment agency because she has found my resume, and, was very impressed with it. My CMM skills, specifically.

I should be excited by this, but I'm not. I'm afraid that whatever the company is that has found my resume will offer me a job, and, therefore, take away my opportunity to go back to school.

I know how I am.

A job in hand is worth more then the possibility of a job in the future.

If I am presented with the opportunity, a job, especially one that pays me the same or more, I will take it in a heartbeat, and pass by, once again, an opportunity to continue my education.

Who knows, perhaps I'm just worrying over nothing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hi! I'm Thomas, and, today is my first day of Kindergarten. Would you like to come along with me?

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See my Mom's new car? She's going to drive me to school in it!

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School at last! I've been waiting for this all day!

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Here's my class. I'm ready to begin!

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Will you get out of here already, mom? I swear, I'll be just fine!

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Here I am exiting the bus...... finally!

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Hi Mom! Look at all my friends!

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Home at last!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

A call to 911, a baseball bat, and Kidney Boy

At 9:00 last night I was sitting peacefully, relaxing, watching tv in my pj's. Thomas was sitting on my lap, Zach was sitting on the couch, and Charlie was preparing for his week long work excursion on Beaver Island.

At 9:05 the dogs were barking like crazy, and a 4', red headed, 17 year old boy with kidney problems named Jay was stand at my door yelling profanities and threatening to kick all of our asses. I could barely believe my eyes. Only 24 hours previously this kid had been in my home, hanging out with Zach, normal as could be. Off in the distance, through the darkness, I could see the darkened form of yet another kid, Josh.

While Zach and Thomas had both been with Charlie the entire day, Jay seemed to believe that Zach had in fact somehow managed to find his way over to Jay's girlfriends house and thrown a rock at her head.

Don't ask me how this all transpire, because, I am still clueless.

But, there stood Jay, threatening our lives, Josh in the darkness off near the woods, and Charlie threatening great bodily harm to the two of them unless they removed themselves from my premises.

I could take no more. I ran up stairs and dressed, ran back downstairs and told Zach to get in the car. We would be having a little discussion with Jay's parents. Hopping in the car, I looked for Charlie. He had disappeared out of sight. Assuming he was merely off in the darkness himself, waiting to see what these 2 imbecile kids were going to do, I pulled out of the driveway and headed toward Jay's house.

Ahead of me I could see something swinging in the road. I craned my eyes, a little afraid it was one of the boys carrying a baseball bat.

I was more afraid of what I found.

It was Charlie carrying the baseball bat. I freaked out. Pulling up next to him, I rolled the window down and begged him to go back to the house. He was beyond ticked at this point. "Nobody comes into my yard, stands at my door, and threatens my family! Call the cops Sherri, just call the cops!"

I did.

Before I even got to the end of Coppins Rd. I had the cell phone out and dialed 911. I explained to them on the way to Jay's what had happened up until that point, I had explained to them how Charlie was brandishing a baseball bat, and I explained that I was on my way to get the kids parents.

I'm quite certain I couldn't have sounded more redneck if I tried..... Ugh!

Zachary and I arrive at Jay's house. Or, should I say hovel. 2 big dogs were barking and growling at me as I opened the door to my car and climbed out. I wasn't afraid, and the dogs immediately backed off and ran to the other side of the semi truck that was parked to the right side of Jay's house trailer.

The screen door opened a crack and a head popped out, no outside lights ever came on. From inside I could hear more dogs.

"Are you Jay's mom?" I asked, I could hear my voice shaking.

"Yes," was her response.

"You're son is at my house, threatening me, my husband, my kids. I'm 7 months pregnant, I have a 4 year old at home, and my husband is about to be out of town on work for the next week. I really don't need your son at my door threatening to kick the shit out of people." I tried my best to be polite and unangered.

"I don't know who you are," she began to sneer at me.

"Well, I don't know who you are either, but your son is at my house, and I've already called the cops."

"All right, let me follow you. I'll be right out," this time she was more civil.

I was amazed to find, as we got back to Coppins Rd, that the kids were still lurking by the house. Josh was just past the neighbors house pushing a bike and Jay was hiding somewhere in the field. A cop was positioned at the end of my driveway, lights pointed in our oncoming direction checking out the scene. Jay's parents had stopped when they saw Josh, probably to pick him up and find out just what exactly their side of the story was.

I pulled into the driveway and found a terrified Thomas running out of the house asking me if he was going to be arrested and if the cops had found dead bodies.

We've been watching way to much CSI.

I reassured him that no, he wasn't being arrested that the cops were here to help us sort out the situation. Zach, Thomas, and I all headed down the driveway to where the cop was standing.

Jay was still missing, but he parents were now pulling to a stop in front of the cop car. Knowing I needed to say something, I motioned for Charlie and the cop and told them Jay's parents were here, I hoped like heck this could remain civil.

I honestly believe Jay's mom expected this to be a scene from an episode of 'Cops' or something because she had hopped out of the truck and walked up to us with attitude.

"I'm Jay's Mom," she huffed. She gave him her name and immediately stated that he probably knew her.

"Um, no, the name doesn't ring a bell," he replied. My first thoughts were, this family has had many a scuffle with the law, I'm sure.

He went on the explain that he had spoken with the boys, and they denied being at the house. I have to admit, I was surprised by her honesty. Jay's mom came out and literally told the officer they had lied, they were both at the house, and did exactly what we had claimed they had done.

Then asked if the officer would arrest her son.

Charlie threw his arms up in the air and explained that he was not interested in pressing any charges, our concern was just settling the situation and getting back with regular life.

The mother was insistent. She genuinely wanted her son to be put in jail, to teach him a lesson.

It was at this point, even after all that he had done, that I felt sorry for this boy.

The mother started to then fill us in on the circumstances that had transpired and how they all revolved around a 12 year old foster kid that lived next door to them. Apparently she claimed Zach had been starting things with her and Jay felt he was going to 'take care of the problem'.

At the end of the story, she had lost most of her anger, and had actually told Zach just to stay away from the girl, she was nothing but trouble. He claimed to not even know who she is.

While this entire situation bothers me, what bothers me most is the fact that these parents just let their kids do whatever the hell they want.

Jay is 17, but Josh is only 13, their houses are about 5 miles from mine. What parent, in their right mind, would willingly allow their minor child to treck, on foot, 5 miles in the dark, with only a bike that is out of gas, to go beat up a so-called friend of theirs?

I'm at a loss.

Sure, kids are responsible for their own actions, and I fully believe they deserve punishment when punishment is warranted, but come on! Parents do have a responsibility to their kids.

Keep a God damned eye on them!

Zach does not always listen to what I say, or do what I tell him to do, but I'll be damned if I ever let him do something like this. My ass would have been out looking for him at dusk, putting the fear of God into him for making me worry.

Then again, not that I'm stereo typing or anything, but, I don't live in a house trailer with monster dogs and semi trucks parked in my yard.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Me? A Nerd?

NerdTests.com says I'm a Slightly Dorky Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

I'm astonished by the results!

The Date is Set

November 19th has been set up to be Hannah's delivery date.

I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment #362

Thinking myself smaller than I really am these days, I tried to squeeze between a shopping cart and a display of toys at Wal Mart last night.

Big mistake!

Not only did toys fall everywhere as my stomach crashed into them, my ass bumped the shopping cart, which, in turn, hit the woman accompanying said shopping cart.

The woman shot me a look that could have frozen the earth's molten core and sent us spiraling out of the galaxy.

That's the last time I try to politely maneuver my way around inconsiderate isle blocking shoppers!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Who's that coworker?

Why, it's none other then the infamous Dave!

While I admit the two of us were off to a Rocky start, Dave is one of those characters who just seem to grow on you.

Any man that can wear a dress to work or come to work dressed like Elmer Fudd deserves a second chance.

My most memorable moments with Dave will always revolve around the kooky characters who seem to populate his life. Everyone from the nurse at the nursing home who sells her worn and unwashed lingerie on ebay to the liquor drinking Aunt who lives next door.... I've grown to expect those daily updates on what's current in their lives.

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