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Monday, December 17, 2007

Only a true friend would have the nerve to tell you.....

"Look how small your ass is, you've lost a bunch of weight!"

Yes, believe it or not, my friend Julie stopped by my house today and that's exactly what she said to me!

As good as it was to hear her tell me I looked like I had lost weight, it was a little unnerving to think about just how big my ass had initially looked.

Being that your ass is on the back of your body, it's not something you get to look at regularly. You can't just look down and say "Oh My God! Look how big my butt is getting!" You have to rely on friends and family to remind you, "Hey, Sherri, have you looked at your backside in the mirror lately?"

I can only imagine what people had thought of my pregnant self. I couldn't help but laugh a little last weekend when I saw Thomas's teacher at Wal Mart. Having never seen me when I wasn't pregnant, she couldn't believe her eyes when she did see me for the first time after the baby.

"You look fantastic! How's the baby? I can't believe how different you look!" Had I morphed into some kind of hideous creature during pregnancy? I was beginning to wonder.

The fact that I KNOW I was huge at the end of my pregnancy is no help. Just my baby belly resting on my lap while I was sitting should have clued me in.

But it's still good to have someone acknowledge you no longer resemble a beached whale.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Bah Humbug!

Smile.... schmile.... get that camera out of my face!

Hannah will be 4 weeks old on Monday, I can hardly believe it's been 4 weeks already! I'm amazed at how her personality has emerged and begun to show itself. Take for instance, the above photo. It's obvious to see I have a 90 year old woman trapped in the form of my 4 week old baby! And, look at that angry face! I can't help but laugh about the comment I received from a friend of mine when I had told him about the angry face.

"You plant corn, you get corn," he said. In other words, she's a chip off the old block, meaning, she takes after her mother.

I really do love this photo, even with the baby acne and the karate chop hands. It makes you wonder.... Just what exactly is happening here? Is Chuck Norris on the other side of the camera? Has Sophia been reincarnated and Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche are waiting on the sidelines to film the next episode of Golden Girls?
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