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Friday, June 29, 2007

Daily Point of Inspiration

I just love it when a complete moron comes to me with what they fully believe to be a pearl of wisdom, when, in fact, it's nothing more then a true testimonial as to why they are a complete moron.

Today I was approached by one of the purchasing agents, who, in her own admittance, felt like a complete moron because only moments before she had been commenting on how fat I had become to one of her coworkers.

Yes, I'm indeed telling the honest to God's truth, she did tell me that a) not only was she talking about me behind my back, but b) she was of the belief I had gained a ton of weight and was in fact cresting on obesity.

So, there I stand, her hands resting on my belly bump as she's spilling her guts to me. She's laughing about how the person she had been talking to had been completely appalled by her statement, retorting that I was, in fact, pregnant and instead of speculating about me behind my back she should be congratulating me on my soon to be new arrival.

Needless to say, I was left speechless.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

You know you're as big as a house when.....

...you are unable to maneuver around things without your baby bump crashing into them.

Embarrassing moment of the day

As a way to break up the monotony of the day, I decided to threaten Dave with a scandalous, yet ridiculously incredulous rumor.

As you may recall, Dave is gay. If the rainbow necklace and pinky ring didn't give it away, I'm sure the shaved legs would have.

Standing in the midst of the cell joking around with Dave, I said to Dave if I didn't get my way I was going to expose to everyone that I was carrying his love child. Naturally we all laughed as he exclaimed what a miracle it was that I was carrying his love child because not since biblical days had there been a case of immaculate conception.

That's when it happened.

I turned to head back to my desk, stomach tipping over 3 boxes and a bag of parts that had been sitting on a nearby cart. If that wasn't bad enough, one box had broken open, spilling 30,000 flat head zinc plated screws everywhere.

Ain't life grand?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is it just me, or does that floating fetus look like an alien?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Playing hookey again.....

Yes, it is true, I've been quite the slacker as of recent.

I can't say that I was always like this, because, I wasn't. There was a time, not too long ago, that as much as I would have liked to skip work and do lunch and go to the lake all day, I wouldn't have. Obligation and a sense of necessity would have kept me at my desk slaving away to ensure everything went according as plan.

Those days have passed.....

I started the morning by taking Thomas to his well-child check up for booster shots. He was such a good boy! He never even shed a tear, I was more broke up by it all then he was! Even his pediatrician was impressed. I'm beaming with pride still, just thinking about how good he was.

I did find out that Thomas will probably only grow up to be about 5'6 as an adult. Poor little guy, he has no idea yet that he has been cursed with his father's Pygmy genes. It's odd how my boys could be so different from each other. Zachary, on the other hand, has always been big for his age. When he was 7 years old I found out that he would probably grow to be 6' as an adult.

Very different indeed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I can hardly believe I work for a company as corrupt and unethical as I do. Up until now I had been keeping a lot to myself, but, no more. It has to be said.

The corporation I work for is a lying, cheating, disgrace. I still vividly recall, back in March, when the president and both vice presidents stood before the entire plant and proclaimed to everyone they had no intentions on closing the plant, that they were in the business to make money and we were an untapped resource for them to do so.


Only 2 months later we all found out, thanks to media and newspapers alike, that this had been a statement devised to give us all false senses of hope and security. Not only had they already considered closing our plant, and had been right from the start, but they had acknowledged this fact to the media where everyone and their brother had the chance to learn of the news.

Let's just add a little insult to injury now.

3 weeks ago it was found, by one of the production floor associates, that each and every person inside our plant had personal information documented in an intranet file that was unsecured and visible for anyone who found it.


I'm talking social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, the works! What does the company do about this? They give us the website for 1 free credit check. 1 free credit check?! What happens when, 6 months down the road, the plant is closed and someone steals our identity?

The answer we received?

It would be up to us to take action and see legal council. The Assholes!

And yet the saga continues......

Only yesterday I found out that our General Manager has taken it upon himself to make phone calls to the potential employers out there who our people have been sending resumes and interviewing with. Why you may be asking? Well, he made these phone calls to these employers to see if they would consider not hiring them right away, perhaps waiting until the end of our current employees retention time, so our "small division" would be able to have a smooth transition.


I'm appalled that this guy had the nerve to do this! Kimball is the one who had decided to close us down, force us to relocate and change our careers, disrupt our lives, and still they are not satisfied. They have to go to future employers, might I add BEHIND THE BACKS OF EVERYONE, and put yet another road block in the path.

It saddens me to think Kimball bases itself on being a company 'for the people'. They aren't a company for the people, they are a company for profit hiding behind 'the people' for appearance only.

Oh, and don't think for a second that the other facilities that were owned by my former corporation are safe, because, they aren't. I give it one year before our sister facility in Minnesota closes, and 3 before our former corporate in Florida closes.

I was once told by a former Director of Operations that the only way to win new business in the electronics market was to steal business from someone else. Truer words could not have been spoken.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Pregnancy and Heat

It does not mix well!

While I anxiously await the arrival of my new maternity bathing suit, I have been going to the lake in an old bathing suit that, I hate to say, is not flattering on me at all! My stomach sticks out and my boobs hang out, I'm sure I'm quite the sight to see.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bad Day

I'm having a horrible day today...... For no reason, really. It's just really bumming me out about what has happened at work.

Oddly, I had someone stop me just now and ask me how I'm feeling. Lying through my teeth, I tell him I'm doing really good, and feeling much better now that I've got the morning sickness thing behind me. He then tells me I look good, that I look perky.

It bothers me a little that I've become such an expert at hiding my true thoughts and feelings. It bothers me even more that I feel the necessity and compulsion to do such a thing to begin with.

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