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Monday, July 31, 2006

9:25 pm and Still 90 Degrees!

I may not make it through this heat wave alive......

Work was absolutely miserable today. If I didn't know any better I would have guessed I was in hell.

From what I can see, tomorrow is going to be just as bad.

Mary approached me today and asked me how I was doing, she claimed to be worried about me. She told me that I hadn't been my self lately, that I always looked tired anymore and I lacked the enthusiasm I once had. I just stared at her for a moment. I thought, for just a second, about lying to her and just pretending that everything was fine and she was imagining things. But, I didn't. I was honest for once and told her I thought that I was suffering from some of the symptoms of depression and I just couldn't snap out of it.

She agreed with me and told me there was nothing wrong with seeking help, that a lot of people out there are in the same boat that I'm in. The reality is, I don't think I'll be able to snap out of this. Just taking drugs isn't going to fix any of the issues that have created this depression within me.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

This Week in the Health Food Fanatic's Office.....

*Half empty box of Fruit Loops, missing. In its place is an unopened box of Apple Jacks. (Apparently Health Food Fanatic has a pension for sugar cereals.)

*The remains of 2 large Dairy Queen Blizzard treats stashed neatly beneath his desk next to the mega carb drinks. (Perhaps he just has a sweet tooth??)

*Tato Skins missing, no evidence of their existence whatsoever. (He's goooood!)

Something I have quickly discovered is that people do not give a crap about the people who clean their offices. I find it to be really insulting, actually. I mean, just exactly who do they think they are?? I have to wonder if they sit at their desks and think of how much more wonderful they are then people like me, or who they perceive me to be. Do they think me to be uneducated, that it is because of them I'm able to find gainful employment? That, if it weren't for the kindness of their hearts, and the messes they make, people like ME would have it even worse?

Well, THEY don't have a clue!!

The people who I clean offices for appear to be very religious, very charitable, very nice. I don't happen to think this is the case. In every office I see plaques with bible verses, diplomas from the Oral Roberts University, awards for charitable donations, you name it, I see it.

But, what I also see is, the Michigan State room, whose occupant was too lazy to change out the defective trash bag he placed in it, so, when I went in to change the trash it completely ripped apart in my hands. Stale coffee, an old piece of cake, a mound of paper, take out food everywhere. I was doused in somebody's old stale coffee!! How exactly is that looking out for your fellow man?

What I also see is hand and bare feet prints on the Clean Freak's desk. Bare feet on the desk?? Now, what exactly do you suppose he was up to? Do you suppose he was changing a light bulb, perched precariously on the edge of his desk in his bare feet so as not to damage the finish on his mahogany desk? I have my suspicions too.

The guy in the corner office showed up again today as I was doing floors. It's odd how I always see this guy, I think I irritated the hell out of him today, however. All morning I had been the only one there, I didn't know anyone was in the office and he appeared out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of me. I screamed. Twice actually, he caught me by surprise by the copy machine just before I left, scaring the hell out of me once again.

I'm sure he now thinks I'm crazy. Oh well, sometimes crazy is good.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fun at the Beach

Hope you're all having an excellent weekend!

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Friday!

Yes, indeed, I did play hookey from work, again.

The kids and I spent the entire day at the lake. Soooo relaxing and fun, with the exception of one thing. I've been sporadically lobsterized. Try as I might, I just can't seem to get every single spot with sunscreen. If I were an animal, I'd be a red spotted cheetah.

Oh well.

I hate to say it, but I'm one of those people who get a kick out of people watching. I spend just as much time looking at the people around me as I do watching my children. Bad habit, but I just can't help it.

I knew when I seen the duct tape covered tractor tubes rolling down the sand dune to my right I would have some decent entertainment. It ended up being the redneck family of all time. 400lb bleached blond Mom was the first to hike up over the hill. It amazed me they were able to find enough leopard print spandex to make her suit, let alone the butt hider wrap thing she had around her waist.

Dad came next, thank God I had sunglasses on because I was nearly blinded from the reflection of all the gold around his neck, nestled between his man boobs. Long necked cold one in one hand, chincy rubber lounge chair in the other. Dad promptly plopped his butt face down on the lounge chair, gut touching the ground.

Grandma and Daughter were the last to arrive on the beach. Grandma was a brightly died red headed woman with bright red lipstick smeared across her mouth. I have to say, I did feel bad for daughter, she appeared to be a cute little redheaded girl, extremely pale complected, but cute nonetheless.

As I sat there, watching through the corner of my eye, I watched as Mom and Grandma each grabbed one of the innertubes and headed for the water. Dad sat watching a group of teenage girls who had gathered a little ways down the beach. Daughter stood at the waters edge watching as the kids her own age played in the water all around.

Poor thing, if I had had a daughter, I would have told her to go play with her. Daughter ended up being the fetch all. When Dad was out of beer, she would go and get another one. When Mom needed a smoke, she had to fetch one from the car. When Grandma needed out of the tube, Daughter was the one who had to hold it so Grandma didn't fall into the water and wet her hair.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Man Whore

I've offended the man whore at work today. I didn't think it was possible.

John, Steve, and Man Whore show up at my desk while I was wishing Byron good luck and farewell.

It was a very sad moment, Byron has been working with our company since long before my first day, it just won't be the same without him. He was in the midst of telling me about how he could vividly recall me in the various positions I've held and how I've changed and grown through the 10 years we've worked together, I could see a tear in his eye.

Enter the three stooges.

I glance at them and ask them what they were up to. John looks at me with a sly smile and asks for the keys to the NCM cage. Byron and I laugh, then Byron jokes about not giving them out. I then ask what I would get in exchange for their use of my keys. So Johns says he would give me man whore. (Obviously, he used his real name, not man whore, since I am the only person who refers to him as such.)

In front of Byron and God I tell them "Why should I give something up for someone everyone else got for free? No deal."

Ok, this is the man who was back in my area massaging Helen's shoulders asking about her daughter. This is the man who made sure to let us all know about the one night stand he had had one day and didn't even know her name. She was a coworker!! This is the man that stood in the doorway to our area and clapped his hands to get noticed when nobody noticed he was talking outside the door. This is the man who told Stephanie she had beautiful legs, they were nice and shiny, then turned around 10 minutes later and told Sandy the exact same thing IN FRONT OF Stephanie. What the hell??

Man Whore!

He was NOT happy! I embarrassed the crap out of him, even Byron was laughing. Byron, the man who had just been telling me how excited he was to find out that one of his very good friends while growing up was the priest at the Catholic church he would be attending in his new town in Indiana.

Even as I sit here thinking about it I laugh. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Privacy - What the hell is that?

I arrive at work today only to discover my back is stuck to the seat in my jeep. Knowing instantly I had somehow acquired a piece of gum in my rushed and frantic struggle to get ready this morning, I was fuming.

It had to have come from the once neatly folded and stacked pile of clothing that had been tossed to the floor from my bed last night by my heathen family. I could absolutely kill myself for allowing gum back into my house when I KNOW that I find it everywhere when they have it.

Strolling through the door to receiving, I ask one of the girls to look at my back, I think I may have gum stuck to it. The next thing I know I have a circle of women surrounding me and my shirt is pulled up to my armpits on my back. The gum was apparently inside my shirt stuck between my bra and my top. Mind you, I'm in the middle of a production cell, everyone and their brother can see what is happening, I'm almost naked from the waist up at Mary is pulling gum from my bra.

I wanted to die. Like this couldn't have been taken care of in the restroom or something.

So, there I stand, stripped of all humility in the midst of a million people, angry that once again I fall prey to a disrespectful family that just doesn't give a damn about me.

At some point it just has to get better.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Health Food Fanatic

One of the offices I clean belongs to a health food fanatic. (Or so his office mates believe.)

It's amazing, really, the interesting and unusual things you discover as weeks progress and people become comfortable with you, they tend to let go of the need to hide things in their desk or cabinets.

Such is the case in this instance.

Amidst the power drinks and energy shakes hidden beneath his desk resides 2 bags of Tato Skins and a box of Fruit Loops, half eaten. In the trash were several empty bags of m&m's. I couldn't help but chuckle as I recalled the conversation that I had had with my boss about how strict this guy was with his diet.

Sometimes things aren't always as they seem.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ugh! Monday again!

I'm a tad depressed these days. I can't even think of anything funny to write about.

Friday was the first day I cleaned offices on my own, have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning offices?

Friday I get there like normal, offices empty, and begin cleaning. Nothing out of the norm, I begin with the lunch area and wash the coffee cups, etc.

I got a surprise phone call from a friend which did make my day, and I chatted for a bit before returning back to work.

It was about 2 hours after I got off the phone when the office started filling back up again.

What the hell??

To say I was frustrated was the least of it. One by one people were hunting me down to let me know they were just stopping in for a minute or two to do 'one last thing'. Which meant, after they left again, I had to go back into their offices and wipe the fingerprints back off their desks and empty their trashes again. Nothing like cleaning an office twice, I have to say.

I have noticed one very odd thing, I must say. These people are complete strangers to me, yet they feel the need to fill me in on the most mundane details of their life. For instance, the guy who had taken his son to the walk-in clinic for a sports physical. I can honestly say that was not the highlight of my day, yet there he stood with a smile on his face happily chatting away about it.

I'm a complete stranger to the guy!

At least one thing comes out of my second job, it has given me a topic to discuss on my blog. You definitely learn a lot about a person when you clean their office.

Friday, July 21, 2006

And my oldest son turns 12......

Yesterday was Zach's birthday, I can't believe he's 12 already. I don't feel like the mother of a 12 year old, it seems like just the other day I was bringing his tiny little body home from the hospital.

But that's life, I suppose. It's over in the blink of an eye. Before I know it he'll be 18 years old and leaving me to go off to college or a trade school of some kind.

My mother-in-law stopped by the house last night while I was getting Zach's birthday cake set up with the candles on it. The minute she entered the kitchen she commented "Gee, I'm glad you invited me." Instant guilt trip for me. I didn't invite anyone. Charlie and I are having serious problems at the moment and the last thing I want is to have anyone see that I've given up.

Poor Zach, Charlie left the room and went back outside at one point, and Zach told his grandma "I hope Dad feels better tomorrow."

My mother-in-law looked at him and said "Is he sick?"

Zach just replied "No, he's just like that."

It literally made my eyes well with tears. This day was supposed to be special for him, and he has this to deal with.

When Zach called me at work yesterday and asked me to tell his Dad not to drink beer for his birthday I wanted to cry. Flashbacks of my own childhood raced through my mind. I remember seeing my Dad beat the shit right out of my mom for the first time. He was a sullen drunk. I remember crying to the point of nausea at the neighbors house because my Dad had been hauled off by the cops in hand cuffs and my Mom had been taken to the ER because her wrist had been slammed in a door. I remember the nights my mom would drag us kids from bar to bar looking for my dad. I remember the day I decided I didn't want friends to come over to my house anymore, I was 9 years old.

One thing I promised myself was that my kids would never have to go through life the way I did, and I'm going to keep that promise.

Yikes! I didn't intend for this post to get so emotional... But, it's out there, now, so I'm going to leave it. Sometimes you have to give up a secret now and then or they'll eat you alive.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fuck Off and Die Thursday

Yes, folks, it is again that time where I can unleash my wrath on the idiots and morons who continue to plague my existence. So, who is on the list for this Thursday, you ask? Well, then, let me tell you.....

  • The irritating girl who ALWAYS ends up ringing me up at the gas station. NO I don't care where you spent the night, NO I don't care what color your natural hair color is, and NO I don't want to buy a lottery ticket!!!! Get a life that does not include me in it!
  • The door greeter at Wal Mart who always gives me dirty looks. What the hell is wrong with you?? I've never done a single thing to you to deserve such treatment! Starting this day forward, I shall return the dirty looks with one of my own instead of staring off in the other direction pretending I don't see a thing.
  • Uncle Sam. I'm just so sick and tired of you taking my money. You've taxed the hell out of me for years and I have yet to see a thank you. Oh, btw, just where is it that all of our tax money goes? Oh, that's right, it goes to those fat cat assholes who spend thousands of dollars to put drapes over nude statues in government buildings and rid the capitol of that detested 10 Commandments. Thank God we have you around!! (insert sarcastic sneer here)

    Is your personal information really as safe as you think it is?

    This is upsetting but I thought I should pass it along.

    It is now possible to see anyone's Driver's License on the Internet, including your own! I just searched for mine and there it was. . . picture and all!! Thanks Homeland Security! Where are our rights? I definitely removed mine. I suggest you do the same... Go to the web site and check it out. Just enter your name, city and state to see if yours is on file. After your license comes on the screen, click the box marked "Please Remove". This will remove it from public viewing, but not from law enforcement.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    Now, where is it I was going??

    Some people are born to survive, no matter the circumstance, no matter the chances. You can drop them from an airplane into the jungles of Brazil and they will come out unscathed, baggies of dried nuts and berries they had collected in their pockets, bottles of water they had distilled using rainwater and upturned leaves in their hands.

    I am not one of those people.

    If you dropped me from a plain into the jungles of Brazil you would find my tattered and emaciated carcass somewhere in the midst of the worst of it, baggies of poison berries and contaminated water littering the ground around me.

    I am one of those people who do not have a sense of direction. Worse yet, I can drive past something 15 times and still not recognize that I've been past it before. I'm doomed, I dare say.

    Today Zach had a dentist appointment in East Jordan. All was well, we were traveling along and everything was just the way it should be. Then I encounter it, the detour, the most hated and feared thing to me when I travel. I have yet to make it through a detour without becoming absolutely totally lost.

    Today was no exception.

    Now, trying to be optimistic, I think to myself, East Jordan is a small town, how hard could it be for me to find the dentist?

    Apparently, damn near impossible. Thank God I had my cell phone! When I was 15 minutes late, 15 minutes of driving around East Jordan trying to find my way, the receptionist calls to find out if I have forgotten my appointment. Like a crazed lunatic, I exclaim to her 'Thank God you have called! I'm in East Jordan and I'm totally lost, help me!' (Yes, I'm that pathetic.)

    Imagine the smiles and laughter I received when I finally made it to the office! I'm certain my experience today has given them fodder for casual conversations for the next year. You just can't top a late patient who is begging for directions to your office because she is lost in your microscopic little town.


    Needless to say, I made it to the office, Zach got his filling, I got lost once again on my way back to the detour, and finally came to the conclusion that traveling alone is NOT recommended for me. My next vehicle will have to be equipped with Onstar, no doubts about it.

    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Monday Madness

    It's 6:31 am and already 76 degrees! Ugh!!!

    So, I've decided to play hookey from work today and take the boys to the lake. It's been quite a while since I've played hookey last, way too long as a matter of fact.

    Every once in a while you've just got to take a sanity day!

    Friday, July 14, 2006

    Happy Friday!

    I sure hope those kittens weren't meant for target practice! (Or bait, for that matter) Yikes!!

    Hope you all have a great day!

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Fuck Off and Die Thursday!

    Yes folks, it is once again time for my new favorite part of the week, FOAD Thursday!

    1. The jackass redneck who ended up being my only entry on last weeks list. He should consider himself blessed to have been given the honors of not only making it on the list two weeks running, but being the top of both weeks! Now, I'll bet you're wondering how such and individual has been given such a great honor, aren't you? Let me tell you. This jackass is so inept at being a manager, has such little follow through and intelligence, that he fucked up big time and tried to pin the blame on me, telling the planners that he was unable to begin a much needed job because product was locked up in my inspection area. Big mistake!!! First, the product was sitting in his area on his stock cart. He was too lazy to check to see if it was there. Second, I had already spoken with the planner and told her the product had been moved on. Being a good planner, she followed through and took a look herself. Third, when it was found out that he had totally fucked up, be blamed his own people. This guy definitely deserves the Jackass of the Year Award!
    2. My husband. He has single handedly wrecked just about every single thing I have ever owned or loved. All I can say is, I hope he also gets the experience to have such things happen to him.
    3. The people who keep putting these ridiculous reality shows on TV. For God's sake, make it end!! What happened to the days when you could watch a funny sitcom or two before bed and forget about the days worries?? Long gone, I'm afraid.

    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Sometimes I just want to disappear.....

    Today is one of those days.

    I feel so incredibly stressed out today. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? Sometimes I just pray to God that I have enough strength to make it through another day. It makes me feel weak and ashamed that I get this way.

    I just get so sick and tired of the constant struggle, I get so sick of people unloading their problems on me, I get so sick of people who treat me like a convenience, only coming around when they want something.

    (I had a really bad day yesterday, it has obviously spilled into today as well.)

    Monday, July 10, 2006

    Exposed Cleavage and Melon Ball Lip Gloss

    I've grown to love the spaghetti strap tank tops that are in style right now. You can wear them under anything! And, best of all, if you buy a good one, you don't have to wear a bra, it comes with support built right in.


    So, today I decide to wear a white tank top beneath the chest baring disaster I wore a few weeks ago. Perhaps you remember, it was the day I flashed the entire production managers meeting and nobody said a word to me for hours?

    A very cute look, in fact, I had gotten a compliment first thing this morning as I strolled through the door, headed to my desk.

    One problem, I had bought a new color of lipgloss and I had been complimented on that as well. Apparently all the rage is on for coral colored lips and cheeks, so I decided to hop on the bandwagon and bought some coral colored lipgloss of my own. When asked what color it was, I pulled the tube out of my pocket and without thinking just spouted out the color.


    Now, I have to admit, my mind went immediately to the gutter when I saw that. To many production managers meetings, I'm afraid. From conversations of games called Cornhole to in depth conversations of 'Brokeback Mtn.' and buckskin bikinis, you name it, we've discussed it.

    I pose this question to you, my fellow bloggers, what is your take on this new lip color? When you think of melon*ball lipgloss, what comes to your mind?

    Saturday, July 08, 2006

    The Ongoing Saga of Audrey

    I was late for work this morning, very late. I was still rubbing the sleep out of my just opened eyes at the exact moment I should have been arriving at my desk.

    Not good.

    Thank God it's a mandatory Saturday and everyone is required to work today. If I had been the manager on duty, and I was this late, it would not have ended well. Thankfully, though, it's just a regular day, and nobody even noticed I was an hour late.

    So, in my tired and zombied state, I trudge by Audrey on my way to my desk. Upon saying hello to her, she spins her chair around and starts bitching about the nurse practicioner who had prescribed different blood pressure pills to her husband. Apparently the dosage isn't correct, and his blood pressure is very low. She then goes on to tell me the nurse he spoke with last night requested he go to the emergency room.

    So I ask, did he go? No, she replies. The tears begin to well up in her eyes. She goes on to say that he refuses to go to the emergency room and she doesn't know what to do. By now the tears have begun to flow and her voice is getting choked up.

    I have no idea what to say to her, it's not like I can do anything about it. So I tell her things will be ok. He's aware of his problem enough that when he felt weird he called the nurse hotline. So, in her choked up teary voice she squeaks out 'I don't know what I'll do if he doesn't make it through July.'

    What the hell?????

    Make it through July? It's not like he's on his death bed! By now, I'm getting irritated. First the fingernail, now this. What's next?

    Hmmmmm...... (light bulb moment)

    The rules of the game: The person who most closely guesses the next catastrophe to befall Audrey wins the honor of 'Blogger Champion'. All you have to do is leave a comment as to what your guess is.

    • My guess - Audrey will uncover a suppressed memory from childhood. She will discover that she has been the victim of several alien abductions and at one point had been impregnated with an alien fetus.

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Another Day in the Life of Sherri

    I was sitting at my desk talking to Julie when Audrey approached, one arm tucked behind her back.

    "How are you with blood?" Audrey says to me.

    "I'm ok with blood, what's the matter?" I ask.

    Pulling her hand out from behind her back I see the most horrible sight I've ever seen, her left hand ring finger fingernail was literally folded back from her finger, blood pooling under the nail.

    "Oh My God! Are you ok?" I ask. Duh!!!! Of course she's not ok! I can be so lame.

    "Yeah, it just hurts. What should I do?" Audrey is smiling, for some ungodly reason. I have yet to figure that one out.

    "Ok, we need to go see Norm and report this first, just in case." The two of us head down the isle in the direction of Normal the Health and Safety Representative.

    From here the story goes absolutely insane. Audrey and I are walking, talking normally, but she has her arm bent straight out in front of her, injured finger pointed up in the air. Helen Keller would have seen that she was sporting a bloody injury. I'm certain she had done this for attention, but, I didn't care. I just wanted to get this situation taken care of so I could finish my conversation with Julie.

    That would not be happening anytime soon.

    The people I work with are sharks, I swear to God. At the sight of Audrey prancing to the HR office they began to circle, waiting for the goods. Audrey and I enter the office only to find Normal was not there, we had to deal with Deb, the biggest blabber mouth in the shop.

    With Audrey and I, 2 other production managers who felt they were so important their presence was required, the front office receptionist (don't ask me where she appeared from), and another person who I had no clue as to her identity standing in the hallway, Blabbermouth Deb tells Audrey she strongly advises she go to the clinic to have them remove the nail the rest of the way.

    I kid you not, the events of this story are the 100 percent truth.

    Like a scene out of 'The Passion of the Christ', upon hearing Deb, Audrey gets down on one knee, placing the injured hand in the air, and her other hand across her eyes, she begins to weep. when the front office receptionist started rubbing her back I almost lost it, the urge to laugh was killing me.

    Now, I know that makes me sound like a horrible cruel creature, but, good grief! It was a fingernail, it's not like she lost a limb in a machine or got dunked by a 500 degree solder pot. I could just imagine what the people from the floor were thinking as they paced back and forth in front of the HR office door, staring in at us as Audrey knelt on the floor reaching out and bawling, the rest of us standing idly by.

    In the end, Audrey removed the rest of the nail herself in the ladies restroom. First aid cream was applied and a bandage placed over the fingertip, no big deal.

    Fuck Off and Die Thursday

    Yes, folks, it is once again FO&D Thursday!

    Today's list is especially personal, I must say. Several things tick me off on a day to day basis, things that I can't or won't normally talk about. This is just the perfect forum to release those gripes.

    1. Stupid people who think they are geniuses. I especially can't stand the morons who, in their own mind, have built themselves up to the status of a corporate executive. Ugh!!!! The following is an example of an email I received from one of these 'self proclaimed' geniuses:
      I understand this, at the time Rick Brown had them it did slip my mind. That is why I told Rick to tell you that if you had any questions to see me in the morning. It had been awhile since we ran those through Onyx and did not remember all the details. This is also enforcing the need that receiving inspection needs to have an individual trained on the onyx to work though lightstick issues. This would also make sure that all paperwork needed for receiving be kept together.

    First, I would like to point out that he spelled my damn name wrong. Strike one!! Second, I would like to point out he first stated it slipped his mind, then continued on to pretty much state that he had in fact NOT forgotten, he had decided instead to put someone else in the center of the controversy to deflect any fault from him. Strike two!! Third, I would like to point out, in the end of the email, he is trying to push all responsibility back upon me. Strike three!!

    If there really is a God, he will come down and smite this redneck, beer guzzling, NASCAR groupie.

    Interested in joining the FO&D bandwagon? Go here.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Holiday Burn-out

    Believe it or not, it's actually nice to be at work today.

    Post traumatic stress syndrome has begun to set in from the events of last weekend. It first became apparent when I was certain I could see glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets following me to work this morning. (Upon closer inspection, I discovered the glow in the dark novelties were littered in the back seat and hatch area of my jeep.)

    Sleep deprivation has also taken it's toll. At the moment, it is nearly impossible to string enough conscious thoughts together to have a conversation. Too many fireworks displays, too little time. Ugh!!

    Last Friday was the first day of my second job. I HATE the second job! Thank God it's only on Fridays, because, if I had to do it more then once a week, the second job would be history. It's not really a hard job, I'm actually just cleaning offices, but it's just so time consuming. I had no idea people could pack so much stuff into an office. Do they realize all of that stuff that is packed in there has to be picked up and cleaned once a week by someone?? Now that I think about it, I'm sure they do, but, they aren't the ones cleaning it, so, I'm sure it doesn't matter.

    But it's giving me an extra $200 a month, I can't pass that up.

    Interesting observation: A few posts ago I had posed the question "Does the world fly by for people who operate in slow motion?" I can honestly say NO, it does not fly by. So far this day has been the longest day of my life. 6 more excruciating hours to go.

    Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Crazy Office Supply Julie Strikes Again!

    Scene: Yesterday, production managers meeting, 8:30am.

    As usual, the production managers meeting had gone downhill the instant we all started talking. I think it was at the point that Jim was talking about a woman who had shit in the hood of her snowmobile jacket, did not notice that this had occurred, then discovered it several hours later as they sat down to eat in a bar somewhere, when Crazy Office Supply Julie entered the room.

    Naturally, all conversation ends as we look in Crazy Office Supply Julie's direction. Coming up behind me, she bends down and says quietly in my ear "We can hear you laughing in the Superior Room."

    "Oh.... you can?" I say back, quite embarrassed and a little stunned that she had interrupted the meeting then made such a display out of the situation. "Perhaps I need to stop laughing then," I said, looking at the group.

    "Oh, no.. no.... It's quite a cheerful laugh, I'm just letting you know," after which she straightened back up, turned on her heel, and left the room.

    What the hell?????

    I didn't quite know what to think. I just looked around at everyone and stated I wasn't going to be laughing anymore, apparently. This, of course, got everyone laughing again, everyone but me, that is. I just smiled. I was ticked right off to the core, actually. How in the heck could I be the only person heard in a room full of laughing people?

    She has it out for me, I'm certain. For some reason, unknown to me, she has decided to hate and envy me.

    I just wish people would get to know the real me, not just the me that they perceive me to be.

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